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US government cuts off funding for Mexico cross-border project

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- The US House of Representatives have passed an appropriations bill that includes an amendment ...

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — The US House of Representatives have passed an appropriations bill that includes an amendment to cut off funding for the Department of Transportations planned cross-border program with Mexican motor carriers. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has applauded the decision and is thanking its members for voicing their concerns to their representatives in Washington DC.

The amendment will hopefully ensure that the DOT abides by the intentions of Congress and stops moving ahead with this outrageous pilot program, said OOIDA executive vice-president, Todd Spencer. This successful vote is credited to our members and the public for speaking up to their representatives. They know a sham when they see it.

OOIDA has said that US borders should not open wider to trucks from Mexico until the two countries safety systems are compatible and enforcement officials have the means to enforce US law. A national Call to Action was sent by the association urging truckers to call their representatives in support of the amendment.

On Monday, members of the House began consideration of HR3074, the Transportation-HUD appropriations bill for fiscal year 2008.

In its second day of consideration, Reps. Peter DeFazio, D-OR, Duncan Hunter, R-CA, Gary Miller, R-CA, and Nancy Boyda, D-KS, introduced an amendment to the legislation calling for a stop of all funding for cross-border trucking programs with Mexico.

The amendment was added to HR3074 on a voice vote. The full bill passed the House late Tuesday with a vote of 268-153.

The amendment states that none of the funds made available under this act may be used to establish or implement a cross-border motor carrier demonstration or pilot project or program to allow Mexico-domiciled motor carriers to operate beyond the commercial zones on the United States-Mexico border.

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