Ontario to crack down on emissions system tampering

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – Truckers who have tampered with their emissions system could have their plates seized in Ontario, no matter where their truck is domiciled.

That’s due to changes made by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), which is ramping up its enforcement powers through updated legislation. The changes are aimed at cracking down on trucks that have had their emissions system disabled or tampered with.

Previously, officers could only seize plates and permits from Ontario-plated trucks.

Other amendments allow for heavier fines, and a move is underway to increase enforcement abilities against providers and installers of delete kits in Ontario.

“These changes signal a true commitment from the provincial government to clean up our air and create a level playing field for all trucking businesses that are operating in Ontario,” said Stephen Laskowski, president, Ontario Trucking Association. “These amendments are a great first step and will help ensure that all carriers that tamper with their emissions systems and pollute in our province will be held accountable for their actions.”


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  • Yep, just another way to push smaller operators out. When the emissions system keeps failing costing thousands in repairs, no one helps them out (not to mention the downtime). I had a 2014 Volvo. I only owned it for three years, but it almost broke me. I was in the shop 150 times and Volvo techs couldn’t figure it out. So, what are the choices. It’s always the little guy’s fault!

    • I should add, if you don’t mess with the emissions controls, nothing’s going to happen to you. Only those who try to manipulate the system need to worry.

      • What a joke! Anyone that says the after-treatment systems on trucks are environmentally friendly is either a scammer or completely ignorant about the topic. These systems heat up to 1,800 degrees a few times a week, and are riddled with sensors that fail weekly.

  • Those who think that the emissions systems on trucks will actually help the environment are brain dead.

  • This has nothing to do with safety, and very little to do with the environment. Want to cut emissions? Eliminate cows. Ever wonder why global warming morphed into climate change? Because the powers that be couldn’t back up the warming thing with data. Remember, this is all coming from people who cannot forecast today’s weather!

  • It’s about time that all trucks and trucking companies are playing by the same rules to prevent unfair advantages to out-of-province carriers.

    • Too bad, the narrative is a huge scam. Focused only on eliminating small niche carriers. The topic is ridiculous and everyone that knows trucks, knows it’s ridiculous and invalid. We have to start standing up to tyranny. This is nothing more than big business writing the rules. It’s laughable. Anyone enforcing this nonsense is just as guilty as our corrupt government.

  • Totally support this move by the Ontario government. The pseudo engineering shops that market and install these defeat devices must be held to account too.

    • You’re a complete fool if you think today’s trucks are green. Get informed! This is not a legitimate battle. This is legislation, written by big business, that has nothing to do with environmental concerns.

    • You do not belong here, these emission after treaments do nothing compaired to the mass pollution carbon (co2) from volcanoes and major factories, and lets not forget about nuclear waste…. gimme a break………

  • Ontario should mind its own borders. If it feels that a level-playing field is fare, then we truckers that get the raw end of their stick need to remind them it’s us that carry this burden of cost and the government must take action to assist us in maintaining the poor and expensive systems.

  • I’m all for cleaner air, but can you perfect this system before putting it out there. I wish I never sold my 2007 Sterling to buy this 2016 Kenworth that sits in the shop once a month.

  • For those of you who think this changes are their for you, well too bad. Ontario has always been a leader in everything. So please try to be less selfish. Someone said to get rid of cows to end greenhouse gases, lol. Have you lived in Toronto before? I never saw a single cow except in a truck on the highway going to slaughter house so how can you blame cows when I don’t see one yet struggling to breath? Answer that!!! Get out of here with that nonsense. Everyone will follow suit soon.

  • Stop all the trucks block all major highways until we get paid what we deserve. Then we gonna be able to maintain their system that does not even work.
    The 2008-2015 system should be recalled and replaced with a new one from 2018.

    • If you’re a company employee, what you get paid is between you and your company.If you’re an owner-operator, learn how to bid right, and you’ll see your bottom line improve.

  • Cleaner air is that what they are going for with this bs go standby a truck that is doing a burn off then go and look at the stuff we put in are motors clean that’s a joke I remember when truck motors where good until 1 million km before you needed to do a motor now your lucky to get 500.000km out of them now they are penalizing Guys that delete there trucks they are deleting them because they are in the shop all the time because they are not Dependable yep that seems right to me 105km in Ontario what’s next I can’t wait to see and they wonder why no one wants to drive anymore vary sad

  • All Diesel heavy duty trucks should install a DynaCert hydrogen generator. Better fuel mileage and reduced emissions across the board. It’s a no brainer solution to help cleaning up the air we all breathe.

  • Look at the Dynacert company and it could solve the pollution problems enough to clean the air cheaply …

  • This is so frustrating, I guess truckers are the bad people of the world. Such a joke. I bought a 2011 pete and the emissions burn off system failed and the cost to repair it is more than the value of the truck. Not to mention when a truck goes into limp mode because of this horrible system it is so unbelievably dangerous.
    How about the province starts to crack down on cars on the road that are held together with duct tape and make revenue there and leave trucks alone. The self employed guy has to pay more a year just to be on the road then some car owners pay for stickers in their lifetime.

  • The government only want revenue it’s not about carbon monoxide nobody does from only has so it just another money maker and keeps these people in a job that know nothing about vehicles because they work in conservation and parks.another bright idea that Ford put in.

  • I’m all for clean air, but I have one question: After adding this DEF to our trucks what kind of emissions is coming out of the exhaust? And, why is that Ontario and Quebec are the only provinces to cap truck speed at 105 km? We will never know.

  • Remember all these is happened due to over zealous politicians who get campaign contributions (aka bribes) from faild engine manufacturers so they can stay in power for long time .Just red an article that cummins is recalling a lot off engines do to failed def dosage system but people still paying for trucks and repair.Jus RETURN that sh truck to them and let them deal with bankruptcy
    Don’t block road or highways just don’t go to work 2 or 3 weeks every body will fill it.

  • Thats a stupid idea but hey. If the government wants these emission systems on trucks. Then they should pay fot all the down time and all the repair bills that owners incur due to emission systems on trucks. Then i would agree with having it. Because. They add a significant $$$$$$$. Amount. Of down time and garage bills. Enough that it can bankrupt a owner operator very quickly. That’s why guys take them off. They gain fuel millage. And a more reliable truck. So if Ontario wants them on. They should pay the garage bills on every truck that breaks down due to. DEF or DPF. Systems.

  • Stupid my old truck burns less fuel ,engine oil stays cleaner longer ,no def and better power and still doesn’t smoke plus no breakdowns ? Def fluid can’t Any better for the envoirment ?

  • It’s ur government making jobs to useless individuals who can’t speak English The tax payers
    Civil war is what we need n f… the liberals n vote PC Doug Ford for the people

  • The repairs that I’ve had to pay for on a maxforce 10 and a 6.7 litre cummins have almost bankrupted me. The Dodge Ram is gone and I just cant wait to get rid of this 2008 International Workstar. The emmission controls are not perfected and are needlessly being repaired / replaced at the owner/operators cost. What a joke!

  • I can lay out $30,000 in shop repair bills because of this shit. Not including down time, for one season. Those who come out with these ideas don’t have a clue. I’d like to see one of them to try and pay for it. I know guys who have deleted, and their emissions test burned cleaner than it did with all that emission tools. So, when will the federal government realize and admit this doesn’t work?

  • Is there anyway he can sign any petition about this ? we should get together and stand against this stupid political system , if you check people who delete the system has more Cleaner emission ever !!
    any suggestions ??

    • My truck with no emmissions is burning half the amount of fuel as it did with the emmissions. No smoke, plus… i dont have to waste money on def fluid?!?!

      • Yes but in the long run all that unburnt fuel is filing the cylinder with gunk that will throw off the cylinder fire which will cause improper engine running and in Turn cause thousands or hours and hours in the shop, if the truck was built before def was installed by any means it’s gonna smoke but when you have People doing it on 2013+ trucks with def tanks you’re going to fuck the motor up in time and spend more
        Money having it fixed then you did getting a delete

  • Emissions is a joke because these diesel with emissions on them use 10 to 25% more fuel to do the same jobs. If your using more fuel where is the pollution savings more fuel more pollution. If you want to target the real culprit’s than go after the companies who can not get there diesel engines get better fuel economy. Also these emissions also cost above 25% more visits to garages because of useless sensors and emission components than cannot handle our winters and salt. That is the biggest reason to delete the emissions on these engines so owners can have there trucks working for a living rather than giving the garages what ever small profits they do make. As for the Truckers association they don’t know what there talking about they were useless drivers of companies rather than be owner operators who knows where there money is going. I’m 100% for deletion until better quality components can be made and at reasonable prices.