Truck convoys join Alberta rallies in support of oil and gas sector

by Truck News-West

EDMONTON, Alta. – A series of truck convoys have taken part in recent rallies across Alberta in support of the province’s oil and gas sector.

In Nisku, Alta., the group Truckers for Pipelines formed what media reports indicated was a 22-kilometer long convoy, creating such heavy traffic delays that federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who was in the area to give a speech, was forced to ditch his vehicle and walk to the community’s town hall.

Another convoy in Grande Prairie, Alta., drew around 600 trucks to support the oil and gas industry.

The Dec. 17 event attracted more trucks than rally organizers expected, according to Rob Petrone of the Grande Prairie Petroleum Association.

Rallies in support of Alberta’s oil and gas industry also took place in Calgary and Edmonton.

The federal government announced last week that it would provide $1.6 billion in funding to support Alberta’s struggling oil and gas sector.

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  • For some reason it seems that our own Premier is not getting this message. Notley is frantically pushing with only words trying to make a push for the 2019 election. Day late and a dollar short Rachel!!!! A good business Provincial governing body WOULD have pushed the Federal Government to invested in Alberta Oil infrastructure once they took over power almost 4 years ago. The NDP has done nothing, until late 2018 with a motivation to make the Alberta NDP government appear as though they are really doing something phenomenal. Don’t be fooled Rachel, Albertan’s are much more brilliant than that. It is unfortunate that for the last 4 years, the same brilliance hasn’t been part of the provincial government’s action plan to bring the province of Alberta economically solvent.