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ZF showcases promise of autonomous vehicles

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany -- ZF has unveiled its vision of Next Generation Mobility -- anchored in pillars that include vehicle motion control, integrated safety, automated driving and electric mobility. “We approach all areas and aspects of mobility” said Wolf-Henning Scheider, who has been recently appointed CEO of ZF Friedrichchafen AG.  He also thinks commercial vehicles offer the best opportunities for the development of autonomous vehicles.

Cyberjacked! — Trucks vulnerable to cyber threats

It's Tuesday afternoon, a little after 2 pm. You're the operations manager of a major truckload carrier. The morning rush is over, all the drivers and customers are happy, and now you're gearing up for the onslaught of late-afternoon messages from customers wondering where their trucks are and drivers alerting you that they can't load 'til tomorrow. Typical day. Then a driver calls on his mobile phone. "My engine has just shut down and I'm sitting deader than a doornail in the center lane of Highway 401 between Dufferin and Keele Street," he says.