Carry That Weight: 5 secrets to spec’ing better liftgates

TORONTO, Ont. -- Much rides on your liftgate spec'ing decision: your cargo, your customers' satisfaction, and literally, your drivers. Short-spec’ your liftgate and you put all that and more at risk. You can buy a liftgate for any vehicle from a pickup truck to a tractor-trailer, and units that can handle weights ranging from 600 to 3,000 kg. They come in various configurations. Some with fold-away platforms and some with sliding platforms...

Canadian Solar invests in commercial transportation

GUELPH, ON - Canadian Solar has acquired a 10% interest in eNow, a U.S. business that specializes in solar energy management systems for commercial transportation. The partnership leverages Canadian Solar's expertise in developing and producing photovoltaic systems. Its module technology will interface with eNow's power management system - delivering a solar-based energy management system that can help to reduce idling needs. "While we have become one of the world leading solar energy solution providers with close to 20 GW module deployment since 2001, I still remember we started very small in 2001 when we provided a 3-watt solar power battery trickle charging system for cars," said Shawn Qu, Canadian Solar's chairman and Chief Executive Officer.