Next Generation

IN PRINT — The Next Generation

Meet some of those under the age of 40 who are already making their mark in the trucking industry. These are the up and comers, the ones to watch, and the faces and names that you will start to see and hear more and more often. Our Next Generation Class of 2016 is strongly comprised of successors to the throne - the youth who have seen the paths blazed by their parents' footsteps and noticed room for their own. Many are helping to usher family businesses into the digital age, whether it be telematics, electronic logs, or simply ensuring their company has a sleek website or a passionate voice on social media. If our 2016 Class is any one thing it's versatile. They are learning about all aspects of trucking, all the time. Nearly all of them say, without prompting, that what they love best about the business is how every day is new. It's something that's very important to the millennial generation, as they try to continue challenging themselves, and pushing even beyond their own boundaries, because they know that's how to get better. By doing. By doing, after all, is how they've found success so far.

The Trucking 20 Under 40

TORONTO, ON -- It is an exciting time in the trucking industry. Our generation is learning so much about this business from the previous -generation, but they too are learning from us. You will read about young people who have the energy, technology-smarts and fresh ideas to change the way we do business. After reading this year's 20 under 40, you will be assured that the future of our industry is in good hands. Something tells me that trucking may already be in my one-year-old son's blood. When I ask him to back up so I can put his shoes on - he moves backwards while saying "Beep ... beep ... beep." Should he choose to join this business and be a part of Today's Trucking's 20 Under 40 in year 2039, I could not be more proud.