Volvo expands in Mexico, predicts growing Nam market

GUADALAJARA, MX - Volvo's "shape of trucks to come" has come to Mexico, with the official unveiling of the VNL long-haul tractor, VNR regional hauler, and an expanded VAH auto hauler lineup. It's a significant expansion of Volvo offerings available in the country, which had previously been limited to the VNL long-haul trucks. "Mexico is a very important market for us globally," said Magnus Koeck, vice president - marketing and brand management, comparing the market's size to that of Canada, with 25,000 to 27,000 in annual sales placing Mexico among the largest truck markets in the world. Volvo now has a presence in 140 countries overall, with manufacturing capabilities on every continent. The North American models will be built in Dublin, Virginia. There will be more trucks to manufacture, too. Volvo now projects North America's Class 8 market to reach 260,000 units next year, compared to 235,000 in 2017. That could even be a conservative number, Koeck added, noting that some analysts are predicting as many as 309,000 units. "We will see if that will hold." Buyers around Mexico City will also have easier access to the trucks, through Grupo Alden's addition to the dealership network following a US $6 million investment. Volvo now has 43 dealer locations in Mexico overall.

Volvo unveils VNL tractor

DUBLIN, VA - Volvo promised that its new regional VNR tractor was the "shape of trucks to come", and it delivered on that promise on Tuesday with the reveal of its long-haul counterpart - the VNL. The new tractor comes as the VNL 300 daycab, VNL 400 flat-roof sleeper, VNL 740 mid-roof, VNL 760 high-roof, and VNL 860 with its 77-inch sleeper. The VNL 740 and VNL 760 are also available with a new 70-inch sleeper. "It's so nice to see this truck without a cover on it," quipped Jason Spence, product marketing manager, noting how prototypes had been moved around North America under the cover of darkness. "We've been hiding the truck from you for 10 months."