Must-have technologies, ELDs, and government regulations

by Truck News-West

KANANASKIS, Alta. – A group of panelists discussing technology in the workplace agreed forward-facing cameras are a must-have for carriers in 2019.

Brian Mofford, vice-president of technology for Drivewyze, said cameras are all about protecting your drivers in the event of an incident or collision.

“I think carriers want to make sure they can prove that it wasn’t the truck driver’s fault,” said Mofford, adding drivers are increasingly buying into the use of cameras, including to some extent rear- and side-facing options.

Speaking during the “technology in the workplace” panel at the Alberta Motor Transport Association Leadership Conference and AGM April 27 in Kananaskis, Alta, Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, vice-president of sales and a partner with Isaac Instruments, agreed on the importance of using forward-facing cameras, which have several benefits to fleets.

He did caution carriers on the manner in which they use the vast amount of footage cameras capture on a daily basis, and who is reviewing this sometimes sensitive material.

“It’s not just the risk the drivers are going through as they are driving, it’s also a question of ‘what am I going to do with all this data?’” said Bouchard. “I’ve seen situations where many drivers have not seen this, and it’s a good coaching tool to be able to show somebody. At the end of the day, it’s not just a question of proving you’re not guilty. If you can avoid it, it’s even better.”

Marc Moncion, head of safety, compliance, and regulatory affairs for Fleet Complete, said when collisions occur, 90% of the time the vehicle in the rear of the incident will be blamed. But it’s not always the case the rear vehicle is at fault, and forward-facing cameras can vindicate a driver.

Bouchard said fleets need to examine their operations and look at what steps and process can easily be automated using today’s array of technology options, starting with quick, simple tasks.

“It’s going to take you time, it’s going to take you a lot investment to train your drivers, to get everything up and running,” he said. “You need to go for a technology to future-proof your company.”

One piece of technology all fleets in Canada will soon be forced to get used to is electronic logging devices (ELDs).

Moncion said several lessons were learned from the ELD rollout in the U.S. about a year-and-a-half ago, both from the drivers’ perspective and enforcement.

“Inspectors were seeing 300 different types of devices all of a sudden and they didn’t know what to make of it because the functional requirements said these data items must be listed but we’re not going to tell you how it’s going to be projected on a tablet or on a phone,” said Moncion. “You had some older guys who were used to paper, and they were like the truckers. They resisted the technology as well.”

Moncion said some inspectors were continuing to ask drivers for paper logs, and advised Canadian carriers to instruct their drivers to maintain a paper log in addition to using ELDs as a failsafe to avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to an infraction.

Bouchard said one of the biggest lessons Canada has taken away from the U.S.’s ELD mandate is how devices are certified.

“You’re going to go on the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website and you’re going to find about 500 devices out there,” said Bouchard. “Many of which are not compliant, and we all know this.”

Canada will use third-party certification, which will protect carriers by ensuring the ELD they are using is fully compliant.

From left: Brian Mofford, Marc Moncion, Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, and moderator Derek Clouthier.

ELDs may be one example of a piece of technology that has been regulated by the government. But it took a while for this to happen, despite the technology being there and many in the industry urging a change from paper logs.

Mofford said one way government, industry, and technology can find more common ground when it comes to regulation is to look to the U.K., where a new process enables finance companies to test their innovations with real customers in the marketplace within a controlled and monitored environment.

The new process allows government to learn about new technologies and better regulate them. Mofford hopes similar efforts can be employed in Canada to help technology innovators, government, and industry collaborate to bring technology to the marketplace faster.

Moncion, a former inspector for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, who also sits on various regulatory bodies, said when he worked for the government, the goal was always to get industry buy-in on any effort. He also made a point to be involved in the process to have ELDs mandated in Canada by attending meeting south of the border, as well as work with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Transport Canada to provide feedback.

As technology continues its march forward, the panel said carriers need to understand what works for their particular needs and make the right choices.

“As the technology evolves, I think it’s important for the manufacturers and the OEMs to make sure we’re thinking about the integration of those systems,” said Bouchard. “If it’s not simple and it’s not in front of you, it’s just a waste because nobody is going to use it.”

Mofford urged those in the industry to focus on what’s here and now, and not get caught up in what’s further down the road, like autonomous vehicles.

“The connected vehicle is real, it’s happening today,” he said. “We’re seeing some real benefits with the connected vehicle and I think we’ll see more advancements with the connected vehicle in the next 10 years than we will with autonomous.”

Whether it’s a current reality or a dream for the future, Moncion believes technology ultimately helps the lives of drivers, as well as all in the industry.

“Technology can be helpful and beneficial,” he said, “but by the same token you have to use common sense and be mindful of the job at hand.”

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  • Before posting my prior comment I didn’t read the whole article . I simply read the first sentence .

    Now I’m at the second sentence and lo and behold .
    “Brian Mofford, vice-president of technology for Drivewyze, said cameras are all about protecting your drivers in the event of an incident or collision.”

    Told you ! And the manipulation starts ,lol

    Now I’ll read the whole freakin’ article before I comment any further . Give me a few minutes . ………..

    Oh my god !lol

    Quote :
    “Marc Moncion, head of safety, compliance, and regulatory affairs for Fleet Complete, said when collisions occur, 90% of the time the vehicle in the rear of the incident will be blamed. But it’s not always the case the rear vehicle is at fault, and forward-facing cameras can vindicate a driver.”

    Read that . AGAIN !

    “But it’s not always the case the rear vehicle is at fault, and forward-facing cameras can vindicate a driver.”

    WHAT ?
    How in the heck can a forward facing camera vindicate a driver when it cannot see what is in the rear or ahead of the truck ???

    Now what in the heck does that have anything to do with having a camera facing and recording a driver ?

    Put your cameras facing the road and have another recording what is going on in the back of the vehicle and on its sides !


    “Mofford said one way government, industry, and technology can find more common ground when it comes to regulation is to look to the U.K., where a new process enables finance companies to test their innovations with real customers in the marketplace within a controlled and monitored environment.”

    Wait a minute . So what they’re saying is that they want to “test” their so called “innovative technology” on us ! And they need a monitored and controlled environment to do so . What do we look like , their guinea pigs and lab rats ? And what do they expect from us ? To agree with being monitored and controlled for their innovative technology tests which will end up controlling us even more and benefiting them ?

    Did this person even think before expressing himself ?

    He’s asking us to agree to bending over so that they can , you know what. And if we say no , then they’ll force us to bend over through government regulation so that they can , you know what to us , with their so called “innovative technology !

    Quote :
    “As technology continues its march forward, the panel said carriers need to understand what works for their particular needs and make the right choices.”

    What’s the “right choice” ? Agreeing with your wants ?

    The right choice is for truck drivers to form a Truck Driver Federation(TDF) and unite as one in order too put an end to this absurd kindergarten level of manipulation and tyranny !

    And this one is a real kicker …….
    “Whether it’s a current reality or a dream for the future, Moncion believes technology ultimately helps the lives of drivers, as well as all in the industry.

    BS technology has flaws . It can be hacked and I have posted numerous proof concerning the matter . We need to be extremely vigilant ! And ABS brakes on automobiles prevent us from CONTROLLING our vehicles when it’s slippery . Go back to your drawing board before ranting about technological nonsense .

    “Technology can be helpful and beneficial,” he said, “but by the same token you have to use common sense and be mindful of the job at hand.”

    LOL ! Common Sense ? What is so sensible about attempting to force your will on people in a weak attempt at manipulating them to accept your desire , and if they don’t agree then you’ll turn around and manipulate government in your attempt to enforce it through a government regulation upon the people ?

    The only benefit I see is a corporate “PROFIT” at the expense of innocent people who don’t see through the deceptive attempt to exploit and control them while misleading them through a snake oil salesman’s song and dance about it being for their protection and benefit ,and removing just a little more of their privacy and freedom in the process .

    Nice try but no cigar !

    ROTFLMAO ! Pathetic !

    Now would you like me to continue to apply my “common sense” ?

    Ok I’ll entertain you a little ………

    Statistics show that due to a lack of interest from our youth to enter the trucking industry , the industry turned around and complained to government for the need of immigrants to fill the void .

    Fine . So immigrants come to fill the void and get exploited . But what the industry misunderstood and didn’t anticipate is :
    People that come from a different culture tend to generally think differently and act differently .

    Lack of training ,and to use your words,lack of ” common sense” created a new problem . In fact it is our NEGLIGENCE due to OUR ignorance by expecting people to do things in a certain way that has lead us to this lack of safety CHAOS !

    Now I am far from being racist . Racism is primitive and ignorant . I understand differences in cultures ,differences in the way people think and act and the different unfortunate brainwashing we are all victims of .

    Back to stats. If we look at the enormous amount of immigrants that are in the trucking industry and how they act as a result in western countries , we have an epidemic on our hands and that epidemic includes our very own ignorant ones . They have not been taught to think and act in a certain way . And many of us who are not immigrants are being exploited as well due to our ignorance in the trucking industry .

    If it were not the case , we would not be in this severe lack of safety issue we are all victims of today .

    Example : Who in their right mind would back up a semi truck on a highway ??? Apparently too many !

    Who in their right mind would design a semi truck with a fuel tank underneath the cab ? The driver is literally sitting above a potential bomb ! Why isn’t there a roll cage implemented in the design of semi trucks ? How many drivers have we seen burn alive till death due to being squeezed and stuck in cabs after a collision ? TOO MANY !

    One could say : “well that shouldn’t occur based on common sense” .

    My answer to that is : Therein lies the flaw ! Common sense isn’t so common ! Stop expecting people to reason ! TEACH THEM !

    And that’s where government regulations have failed us !

    Before these recent new regulations came into FORCE , we already had some . But those had flaws ! We as a people have been down this path BEFORE ! And our so called “trucking associations” and “governments” FAILED US !

    Are we going to try and reinvent the wheel again ? Now that wouldn’t be so sensible now would it ? But this is exactly what the trucking associations are trying to do !

    ENOUGH ALREADY ! YOU FAILED ! And you haven’t learned from your mistakes . You keep on reacting rather than preventing !

    WE THE PEOPLE believe that we can do a better job than you could ever possibly imagine ! Stop trying to control us ! CONTROL ISN’T THE ANSWER ! Wisdom is the answer !

    Be wise enough to understand what and who you’re dealing with ! 1+1 = 2 in every country worldwide no matter the color of one’s skin and gender . It simply needs to be taught and not expected to be known through silly comments such as expecting one to have common sense ! And the same concerning ethics !

    You just assume that people know the difference between right and wrong and expect them to act accordingly . DON’T !


    But if you’re going to tell them to do something while you do the opposite then we have a major conflict !

    Teach them by example ! Be a role model ! And genuinely care for them ! All this hypocrisy that surrounds us by those enforcing rules causes CONFUSION and DISTRUST ! The old school mentality of “do what I say , don’t do what I do ” needs to change !

    Nobody understands the trucking industry and its issues better than truck drivers . And if , just if , truck drivers can come to the reasonable conclusion that they and nobody else can create a sustainable improvement in their industry by uniting ,and collectively through their collective experiences improve the industry beyond anyone’s imagination , it will happen for the benefit of all equally and fairly .

    What if we could “guarantee” lower consumer costs .
    Create higher corporate profits .
    Create our own Bank(s)
    Create our own insurance company .
    Finance our needs.
    Take care of our own .
    Create an extremely safe industry .
    What if we could do that ?
    Would that not be an example to follow for other industries ?
    Would that not improve society as a whole ?

    A dream ? No , simply a concept just like every other innovative creation began . A plan ? Absolutely ! Realistic ? Absolutely !

    A revolution ? Absolutely NOT !
    Evolution ? Yes absolutely !

    A Truck Drivers Federation(TDF) would be profitable beyond anyone’s wildest imagination . By using the economic puzzle that already exists . We just need to rearrange a few pieces and paint our picture into reality .

    We wouldn’t be lamenting to government . WE the people would eventually be government !

    No such thing as 1% & 99% . Completely 100% ! Why ? Because our model would be so profitable that the rest of the industries would join us ! As long as there is a labourer in this world , our model would attract them . And due to their attraction everyone else(1%) would follow .

    We would literally “Occupy Wall Street” through the application of our wisdom . Not from the outside but from within !

    Scary ? Not at all .
    Simply a different way of doing things and understanding how to do them .

    Wall street is rigged . We know this . It favours the knowledgeable . That knowledge can very easily be applied by and for Truck drivers . In fact every truck driver has “legal” inside information . They know what is going on at so and so’s manufacturing plant , or construction site, or farm , or mine , etc etc etc . Truck drivers have eyes all over the place in so many sectors and industries .They know by the amount of loads they deliver . They have dibs on info even before Wall Street does .

    Our Bank would be one heck of a competitor in the financial sector . We’ll set up our own hedge fund FOR TRUCK DRIVERS . We’ll attract the sharpest minds in the industry . We’ll buy out an enormous amount of businesses . We will create jobs . We will eliminate our costs through savvy investments and trading opportunities .

    We would be on heck of a force to be reckoned with .

    Why am I sharing all this ?

    Because there is a way . A different way . A good and ethical way that we can make a sustainable change in our industry and no longer have to feel under appreciated or exploited simply by using tools that are being used by others against us at our expense .

    Trucking associations ? No longer need them . WE will be “THE” association . The one and only by truckers for truckers .

    That law concerning owner operators which cannot unionize ? We just outsmarted it ! A Truck Drivers Federation(TDF) is not a “union” . It’s a private corporation which will have many subsidiaries . Limited partnerships etc. (wink)

    I bet you we could get the best and lowest price by buying our necessities in bulk at one corporation of our choosing . I bet you that we would most likely buyout corporations that provide our business necessities .

    Heck we could even build our very own “Las Vegas” ! LOL !
    The sky is the limit !

    Do you realize what sort of power the TDF would have ?

    WELCOME FRUSTRATION ! The precise ingredient we need to create this empire of ours . And all that frustration is caused by those whom are trying to force us to bend to their will . They’ve planted the seed that keeps on kicking us in the butt and screaming at us to WAKE UP ! WE CAN DO THIS ! WE MUST DO THIS ! For ourselves and generations to come …………

    10-4 !

  • Here are a few examples for the interested……..

    A Truck Driver Federation(TDF) is the mother enterprise which forms subsidiaries such as :

    -It’s own Bank Co-Op .
    -Another subsidiary would be owning truck stops and running it as a Truck Driver Premium outlet “Consumer Co-Op” .
    – This would be through the creation of a whole different structure at the truck stops to be a one stop catering spot to all truck driver needs such as :

    -Having a 24 hour truck wash bay including a Garage/mechanic shop at the truck stop with truck washers and mechanics that work for the co-op.

    -A 24 hour full service motel kitchenette with indoor and outdoor pool and spa service(massage etc.) at the truck stop to cater to Driver needs when their truck needs to be serviced or repaired . Truck drivers simply sleep in a room in the motel overnight rather than in their truck while their truck is serviced overnight(and or during their 8 hour rest period during the day ) for a very low rate . In this manner they don’t lose and or waste time waiting for, and or ,during maintenance and repair needs . Plus they have the luxury of offering themselves a spa service on the premises .

    -There would be a private clinic owned by the co-op with 24 hour medical service ,doctors , dentists, pharmacist , pharmacy etc. at each truck stop . As well as a co-op owned veterinarian clinic .

    There would be a grocery outlet for fresh produce ,restaurant and a truck driver dollar store all combined . There would be equal choice of meet and vegan meals made from top notch recipes .

    There would be more than ample parking .

    -Another truck stop driver consumer co-op service would be a road side assistance services. These would be strategically placed at truck stops . This way if the truck needs to be towed , it would be towed to the nearest Truck driver consumer co-op truck stop garage .

    Whatever sort of energy our trucks run on we would also have subsidiary co-ops in those sectors and industries as well . Example: If it’s fuel , hydrogen and or electric . Either by producing our own or simply have our financial outfit trade the bejesus out of those in particular rendering our consumption free .

    In fact a particular goal would be in obtaining a parts manufacturer and create another subsidiary out of it .

    When these trucks go autonomous , they will still need parts and mechanics as well as road services .

    We will spread out into mining by owning our own mines through another subsidiary .

    Same with Farming . We need to be heavily involved in the 5 main sectors . Mining , Farming , Transportation , healthcare , and manufacturing .

    We will get involved in the food industry . We will produce and manufacture food . Through farming(agriculture) and food processing . We will first specialize in pet food .

    Once we make the right food for their species through our own brand , they will live longer and healthier . Then our insurance subsidiary co. will offer pet insurance with a lower premium if they consume the food we produce for them .

    We will also open our own branch of veterinarian clinics as mentioned above .

    Manufacture our own drugs/pharmaceuticals and combine holistic remedies until unnatural pharmaceuticals can be fully replaced .

    And our TDF co-ops ,and subsidiaries are not for sale !

    If you ever deem necessary to sell your share , the TDF reserves the right of first refusal . Meaning the right to buy you out before you are allowed to offer your share to another apart from inheritance which would also include the right of first refusal . Therefore the “heir” would have to offer the TDF the right to exercise the buy out before offering it to another .

    The TDF would also have a subsidiary in real estate . Construction , quarries , basic building materials .

    A subsidiary in chemicals . Another in totally redesigned diapers that would be rash proof . An R&D subsidiary . And create 100% chemical free baby food meant for the human species .

    Fashion, clothes manufacturing . Made from hemp & cotton grown by us and designed by us .

    Our own water plant with natural springs . Our own lakes from the humungous holes we created through mining quarries on our bought private property producing electricity . Wind turbines on our farms . Our farms would be divided to produce hydroponically grown produce indoors . All computer controlled robotic equipment .

    Each driver that would own their own home obviously financed by the TDF’s Bank would have a home electrical generator back up which would also be hooked up to receive produced electricity through solar systems at a minimum . Excess electricity would obviously be sold at a profit .

    We would create private schools . Starting with creating the best trucking school in the world .

    And if we decide on getting involved in manufacturing trucks , we won’t be looking at ways to replace the driver . We will be looking at ways to replace the dinosaur design that we have today . We will look into having them hover and then perhaps even fly using hydrogen or something that still hasn’t been mentioned to this day And I won’t mention it here . You see I don’t believe in moderating speed . I believe in evolution . And that also involves our senses , as well as developing our brains and perfecting our talents unlike the dumbing down and manipulation of our five senses we’ve been made victims of by you know who .

    Once we are at the stage of Developing our Psychic and Supernatural skills , there will be no more lies . And on our path towards that evolutionary journey we won’t even think about cheating one another much less fighting and killing each other. We will no longer think as primitive as we do today .

    When technology evolves quicker than mankind , we have a problem . As a species we are far from where we should be in this day and age . But isn’t that due to competition and division ? If you keep the masses dumbed down , then you can make yourself feel and believe you’re “superior” and can esily control them . Thus feel like you’re ” king” or “queen” and worth more than others . The only thing that separates the 1% from the 99% is knowledge . While the 1% know the truth , they lie to the 99% and keep the truth away from the 99% the best they can .

    This is primitive thinking . And it suggests fear and jealousy . Jealousy that everyone has the same infinite capabilities through the mind and spirit therefore indifferent . Fear that mankind awakens and comes to its realization of what man really is . Fear that the masses awaken their power within . Then at that point the illusion of differences vanishes .

    The 1% so desperately tries to control the minds of the masses in their desperate attempt to keep the illusion that they are worthy and that the 99% are not . And thus so desperately attempt to keep the 99% in slavery . Through trickery , deception , manipulation , propaganda , tyranny etc etc etc .

    If the masses would come to realize at what point their most powerful but yet most vulnerable asset(their minds) has been used against them to keep them in servitude and divided , there would be a worldwide revolution that no man could control within 24 hours .

    This is what we the awakened ones want to prevent . We want to prevent potential chaos and profound hostility that leads to destruction .

    We the awakened ones are not the enemy of the 1% . We are simply mediators between the 1% and 99% . And on our journey while on this planet during our life we desire to awaken those that are not and narrow the gap between the two peacefully and wisely ………..

    We don’t believe in destroying . We believe in equitable evolution .
    We understand the fear of overpopulation . We also don’t believe in creating wars to diminish it . We understand that natural resources are limited . However, there is no need to fear . Rather, it’s grand time to allow evolution to take its course . True impartial evolution . The minds of the masses can be freed and thus serve as an asset on mankind’s journey to expand in this universe . But not with the primitive mindset that we have at this point .

    How could the 1% intelligently expect a higher developed mind to accept them due to the way they have treated mankind on this planet ? The 1% are viewed as immoral immature ignorant bullies in the evolutionary journey of mankind at this point . A higher ethical developed form of life certainly wouldn’t want to associate themselves with this sort of primitive thinking .

    The 99% have the same spirit as the 1% . The 1% cannot evolve without the 99% and or vice versa . Each need each other .

    That being said , Wall Street can be a friend or foe . It’s been created in such a way as to empower the 1% but can also be used to empower the 99% . And since the 99% are a lot more numerous than the 1% , the 99% can make the 1% bend over backwards at will by outsmarting them by using the 1%’s game very wisely .

    In this capitalist society money is power . It’s about time the 99% wake up , unite and teach a thing or two to the 1% in a wise ruthless way through the use of Wall Street .

    They decided to create a money game where they allow themselves to devalue purchasing power at our expense ., stimulate an economy by enticing us to get in debt , and then pull the rug from under our feet with their Keynesian economic application with fiat dollars that they can print at will backed up by nothing else but deceptive faith .

    Ok , let’s play ………..

    10-4 !

  • Quote from article above :
    “KANANASKIS, Alta. – A group of panelists discussing technology in the workplace agreed forward-facing cameras are a must-have for carriers in 2019.”

    Now my turn ……….

    The Extent of Intrusion into Privacy

    “In fact, not only does the installation of surveillance cameras have to meet with a necessary need, but in installing these cameras, the employer must minimize its intrusion into its employees’ privacy.

    For example, the employer would not be justified to install cameras directly pointing at its employees when they are at their work station in order to record on a continuous basis, if the employer’s objective is one of simple, “just in case” prevention.”

    And by the way my dear ignorant “group of panelists ” , there’s jurisprudence concerning this issue !

    So you know where you can put that “forward-facing camera” of yours ?

    Heed the warning …………..

  • My brother who is a computer engineeri says some the plane accidents we’re caused by faulty computer software or bad sensors. The trucking industry needs to understand that computer are subject to hacking and bad readings