6 Ways You Can Help Twister Victims

MOORE, OK — Even if you don’t have trucks moving through the Oklahoma tornado disaster zone, you probably know somebody who does.  And you might want to help its victims. 

Within hours of the tornado that at last count took 24 lives and caused untold millions in damages, several reputable organizations leapt into action.

If you want to help, you’re best to stick with proven organizations. Here’s CNN’s list of six reliable relief organizations. And if you need a reminder of just how vast the twister’s devastation was, check out these photos.

The organizations:

Red Cross
The Red Cross of Oklahoma has already set up shelters for those affected by the tornado and has opened up its safe and well website for people trying to find those close to them. You can donate by going to their website.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is providing food, water and emotional support. For more information on how to donate, visit their website.

Feeding America
Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity, is reacting with food, water and other supplies. Donate at feedingamerica.org.

Samaritan’s Purse
This organization has sent out volunteers to help provide emergency supplies and disaster relief support. More information and ways to donate on their website.

AmeriCares has sent out its disaster relief team to provide aid and medical supplies for those affected by the tornado. More information here.

Team Rubicon
An organization of military veterans, Team Rubicon has sent out assessment teams with more on the way to provide support. You can also donate on their website.

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