From Mudguard Technologies comes the patent-pending V-Flap, a truck mudflap that’s said to be both eco-friendly and aerodynamic, with spray suppression and a "true" anti-sail design. Manufactured with specially compounded polyethylene plastic material to withstand road abuse, the V-Flap can handle cold weather and remain flexible.

While a solid mudflap creates wind resistance that can mean 0.5% to 1%  additional fuel cost, says the company, its carefully engineered V-Flap allows air to pass through the flap efficiently. Fuel savings are expected to pay for the extra cost of a V-Flap within a few months.

The V-Flap is said to suppress splash and spray up to 70%. It separates water and air within vertical channels and directs water and road debris to the ground while allowing air to smoothly pass through its vertical slots. Vertical vanes control sailing and thus block flying debris displaced by rotating tires. the company says.

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