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API releases donut symbol for new diesel oil

 WASHINGTON, D.C.– The American Petroleum Institute (API) is introducing a new special Service Symbol Donut to help consumers identify the recently approved API FA-4 diesel engine oil.

API approved two new diesel oil standards, FA-4 and CK-4, earlier this year.

“API is introducing a diesel engine oil category for use in truck engines designed to meet 2017 model year on-highway greenhouse gas emission standards,” said Kevin Ferrick, senior manager for engine oil licensing. “The FA-4 donut was developed to help truck owners who need FA-4 oils easily recognize the oil and distinguish it from CK-4 oils.”

The new donut features a shaded section to differentiate API FA-4 diesel oils from CK-4 oils. The API CK-4 Service Symbol Donut will look the same as the current CJ-4 Donut.

 Visit for more information about the new API CK-4 and FA-4 engine oils standards.



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