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APTA says Atlantic Canada is already impacted by changes to the TFWP

Dieppe, NB – The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA) made a statement yesterday saying changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) implemented only a month ago are already impacting carriers in Atlantic Canada.

Jean-Marc Picard of the APTA said they are in disbelief. The APTA made a press release available with his comments. They are as follows:

“With these proposed changes, the long haul truck driver is pegged in the low skill/low wage category which is why we are obliged by these changes. But in reality, a long haul truck driver in Atlantic Canada is a high wage occupation because they are paid more than the provincial average for truck drivers.  We have submitted data to Minister Kenney’s office that proves clearly that we are above the provincial average for truck drivers with no response and empty promises once again.

“This will have a long term impact on the economy and the consumers in the area.  Carriers are now faced with a dilemma; they need to fill empty truck seats and there are no drivers to recruit!  Parking trucks is now a reality for some carriers, which mean loss of jobs, less tax money coming in and freight contracts being trucked by out of province carriers.

“The Government needs to realize how important the trucking industry is to our economy…without it, goods don’t move and without drivers, trucks don’t move, it’s not that complicated!

“Data taken directly from the NB National Occupational Code database shows that the average wage for a Truck Driver in NB is $18.41/hour, the provincial average is $17.79, therefore, they should be in the high wage category.  How can Minister Kenney avoid these facts? It is crystal clear!”

“Some carriers will need to replace their Temporary Foreign Workers from their driver pool and in today’s current situation; it will mean parking trucks because recruiting skilled drivers is nearly impossible.  Now they are all competing for the same drivers and their aren’t that many of them available.

“We need to be heard and this situation needs to be addressed as soon as possible, not in the fall or this winter.  Minister Kenney needs to realize that this matter will impact businesses, the consumers and the economy, and yes all due to his changes.”

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8 Comments » for APTA says Atlantic Canada is already impacted by changes to the TFWP
  1. Scott Chisholm o/o says:

    Those people in power can’t see the real picture , they think big company’s tell it all , the bottom line is there is way to much regulation in this industry , although it’s not all bad , people like myself who have had many years and a good life trucking , don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore , there are now too many trucks for the little freight that’s to move ,big conglomerations just keep getting bigger and the freight keeps getting hard cheaper everyday little wonder us old hands just want to hang up the keys

  2. Mark Perkin says:

    When you have 2 of the biggest trucking companies in the maritimes paying AZ drivers $12/hr and $16/hr you have to take Mr Picard’s whining with a grain of salt.

    You see crooks who get caught stealing often complain when their source of revenue dries up.

    And of course slave owners also complained and fought the government back in the day when slavery was outlawed..

    Picard and the APTA need a wake up call.. Nobody is buying their bs.

  3. wayne says:

    I would be willing to drive truck if it paid better. The average wage in Canada is $24.50 per hour. I talked to my local federal member and he told me any trucking company willing to pay $24.50 per hour plus overtime can get TFWs. I talked to over 50 trucking companies and only 3 offered me a job at over $.50 per mile. Many truckers are doing other jobs as some companies are only paying $.39 to $.46 per mile and are not paying for the first 2 hours at the dock. My M.P. told me that in Ontario there are more complaints about CTA. member companies not paying their truck drivers fairly. I got a job doing construction 4 months ago at $19.00 per hour after 3 weeks I was at $24.00 per hour. They are now paying me $28.50 per hour plus full ben pkg. They have one trucking company working for them( their drivers make $.48 to $.59 per mile plus waiting time at $24.00 per hour). That company has over 200 drivers willing to drive for them and a turn over rate of less than 15% per year. The APTA. needs to sharply increase truck driver pay before bringing anymore TFWs as the TFWs are going to be paid at least $24.50 plus overtime and the fed gov. will look at their payroll records and issue fines.

  4. stephen says:

    $18.79 is not a fair wage for truck drivers. Wages need to go up and truck drivers need to be paid by the hour only then should we consider TFWs as many truck drivers would go back to driving a truck if the wages were better

  5. Shane says:

    Minister Kenney needs to stay the course and keep standing up for the Canadian guys and girls out here on the road.for the first time in a very very long time I’m proud of a politician!!i also think it’s laughable that this guy thinks 18$ an hour is big money for us doing the job we are doing

  6. Dave says:

    Anyone who thinks $18/hr is good money probably hasn’t tried to live on it recently….home ownership is out of the question for anything that isn’t a dump and saving for retirement means robbing your present for a future you may not even see since company pension plans for trucker don’t exist. Truck drivers should NOT have to work 70 hours/week to compensate for low wages. Other skilled trades don’t. 50 hours/week should be legal MAX strictly enforced. I guarantee you that’s why many have left the driving for other work, money doesn’t make up for lost years of home life.

    • wayne says:

      Well said Many people who have driven truck are working less hours at a other job for the same money at the end of the week . $18.00 per hour will not support a household in Toronto. Many couples believe that when one spouse is away that much the other spouse should be home more with the kids.

  7. tonygodsoe says:

    Mr. Picard sits in his plush office and goes home every day to his family we drivers are on the road very often hungry because we cannot afford food on the road with the pay we earn driving pay with small companies is .34 cents overrun your hours on the u.s. run illegal in Canada and more no pay at docks no pay for breakdowns and no pay for resets let him live on it

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