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Are you double-billed for 407 tolls?

TORONTO- Tractor-trailers travelling on the 407  Express Toll Route (ETR) say they’ve been double-billed and have invoices showing tens of thousands of dollars in improper billing, according to a CTV News report.

The 407 charges vehicles tolls by either reading the vehicle’s transponder or the vehicle’s rear license plate. Trouble is, with tractor-trailers, the 407 sometimes charges the transponder on the truck and the license on the trailer, thus double charging for a single trip.

The folks at 407 ETR say billing issues are rare.

It’s up to the trucking companies themselves to find the billing errors, if any, and contact the 407. And if there are any outstanding toll charges, the Ministry of Transportation can deny plate renewal.

You can read the full story here.


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