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ATRI reveals top 100 truck bottlenecks in the US

ARLINGTON, Va. – The American Transportation Research Institute (ARTI) released its annual list of the top 100 truck bottlenecks today.

Topping the list for the second year in a row was Atlanta, Ga.’s Tom Moreland Interchange, commonly referred to as “Spaghetti Junction” at the intersection of I-285 and I-85.

Texas was the state with the most bottlenecks on the top 100 list. The state of Texas has 14 intersections on the list this year, 10 of which are located in Houston.

The list is gathered annually to clearly state the top 100 worst locations for truck congestion in the United States from analysis collected from ATRI’s extensive GPA data set.

“We monitor 250 locations nationwide for their truck congestion and we publish the top 100,” of Rebecca Brewster, president and COO of ATRI said in a press conference.

According to Dan Murray, v.p. of ATRI, the institute monitors in real time more than 600,000 trucks in North America to do all kinds of macro analysis for the list.

The Top 10 bottlenecks on the ATRI list this year are:

  1. Atlanta, Ga. – I-285 at I-85 (North)
  2. Fort Lee, N.J. – I-95 at SR 4
  3. Chicago, Ill. – I-290 at I-90/I-94
  4. Louisville, Ky. – I-65 at I-64/I-71
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio – I71 at I-75
  6. Los Angeles, Calif. – SR 60 at SR 57
  7. Auburn, Wash. – SR 18 at SR 167
  8. Houston, Texas – I-45 at US 59
  9. Atlanta, Ga. – I-75 at I-285 (North)
  10. Seattle, Wash – I-5 at I-90

“It’s important that this is the second year in a row that Atlanta has been the number one location,” said Brewster, “Because we’ve had an example of a past location that has repeatedly been at the top and it’s actually made a difference and directed some change in that location.”

Murray explained that years ago the Chicago Circle Interchange (Jane Byrne Interchange) was the worst bottleneck on ATRI’s list for three years in a row. Illinois government wasn’t happy being at the top of the list, so its former governor advocated money into the reconstruction of roadways to help solve the issue.

“In a release it actually said they were tired of being on the ATRI bottleneck list,” Murray said. “Sure enough, this year they’ve dropped to number three.”

“A list is a list is a list until you really sort of implement change,” he added. “We’ve advocated hard with our public sector friends so that they can do something about it… Nobody ever wants to be number one.”

You can view the top 100 list in its entirety here:


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