BC Trucking Association Turns 100

by Michael Brown

LANGLEY, BC — As someone who has been driving through the mountains of interior British Columbia over the last few years, I know how sharp the turns are and how minuscule you feel under these rock giants.

Now picture what it would have been like doing that 100 years ago.

Well, the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA) certainly can. The organization has existed in one form or another since 1913 and now they’re getting ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

“The BC Trucking Association has really only been around under that name for a few years, but we’ve traced it back to all of the previous associations that were in one form or another a predecessor of [the BCTA],” said Trace Acres, Vice President of the BCTA.

“And the very first association that we could trace it back to was in 1913, so that’s why we’ve declared 2013 as the 100th anniversary of the BC Trucking Association.”

Each year, the association hosts a conference in for members to gather and share experiences with one another. They also organize presentations and keynote speakers to discuss issues facing the trucking industry. For this year’s event in Kelowna, the conference will also be about celebrating 100 years of the BCTA.

To commemorate the past century, the conference will feature a gala dinner, as well as some historical trivia about the association. But the biggest treat will be coming from member companies.

“We’ve invited companies that may have vintage vehicles to display them,” said Acres.

Besides the conference, the BCTA will also launch a photo contest for teenagers.

“We will be inviting the teenage children of family members of BCTA member companies, employees and owners to submit photographs for a contest that will be judged,” Acres said. 

The winners will be announced on July 18, when the association holds an open house and barbeque for its members.

For more information visit the BC Trucking Association’s website.

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