Blue Water Bridge ends cash payments from U.S.-bound travelers

by Today's Trucking

SARNIA, Ont. – Travelers crossing the Blue Water Bridge into the U.S., including truckers, will no longer be able to pay tolls in cash, effective 12:01 a.m. March 28.

The Federal Bridge Corporation announced the change in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Credit, debit, and commercial account cards as well as pre-paid ConneXion accounts will be accepted.

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  • I do not understand this. I crossed yesterday back to Canada at Port Huron. I could only pay with my credit card which is ok except the tool booth attendant made me hand him my credit card so he could process it. He was not even wearing gloves. This is scary. This is the first high risk task I have been forced to participate in. I would have rather handed him cash then I would not have been exposed. I did immediately wipe my card down with Lysol wipe. So wrong.

  • I’m a trucker. Blue water bridge…
    Get with the program!!!
    EZ pass can be used on most other bridges. Get into this century, specially since cash payment can’t be accepted because of covid19