BREAKING NEWS: Major strike threatens to stall Purolator

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MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — The Teamsters union representing Purolator Courier’s drivers and Purolator will be involved in last ditch efforts to avoid a strike this afternoon.

Jean-Pierre Blackburn, federal Minister of Labour, has convened Purolator management and Teamsters negotiators to a meeting with a mediator today at 4 p.m.

Purolator employees rejected a tentative agreement by a margin of 51%, and there have been rumours that a strike could occur as soon as this Friday. Teamsters represents 10,000 Purolator employees across Canada.

“We hope that this meeting will manage to break the deadlock,” Robert Bouvier, president of Teamsters Canada, said in a release today.

Teamsters also reported Purolator and the union are not in contact at this time. The meeting takes place at 4 Laval, Que.

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  • I think Canada post employees (CUPW) and Purolator employees should help each other on the issues including picketing on each others lines together and they are sister companies and should stick together to get fair collective agreements.

  • check the date on the article–2008. With the strike looming at Canada Post 2016, Purolator volumes are through the roof. Purolator contract good until Dec 3, 2016. Purolator employees have no dog in this fight

  • This is all a negotiating tactics by the board. Remember who owns Purolator Ltd., that’s right, Canada Post. Last year when Canada post was on a verge of a strike, they lost a considerable amount to Purolator. If there tactic is to get those clients back, it is a big risk because they can go with UPS or FedX. Also, this is a preview taste of what Canada Post Union will face when there contract expire next year.