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TORONTO, Ont. – Toronto Mayor John Tory’s war on congestion has led at least one Canadian institution to alter the way it does business. Canada Post said it will change pick-up times in certain parts of the city and look for other ways to ensure it isn’t doing anything to make traffic worse.

In December Tory gave a speech outlining his six-point plan to improve the way traffic moves in the city.

“Traffic is strangling our city. People are simply fed up. It’s costing us millions in lost productivity every single day. But the cost of congestion is more than just a dollar sign. It means less time with your family. It means being late for work. And Toronto residents have had enough,” he said.

The first point in his plan involves preventing vehicles—both commercial and personal—from illegally parking during rush hour and dealing harshly with those that do.

“Starting January 1st, after a one month education period, there will be zero tolerance for vehicles blocking lanes of traffic during peak travel times on major roads.

“I want there to be no confusion—park there and you will be towed. If I have to chip in and drive a tow truck myself, we will be towing these traffic stoppers away.

“Far too often we see commercial vehicles with a dozen or more tickets hanging off their windshield wipers. There is no doubt there are those who are gaming the system. That will stop too. I have requested that our officials review ways to re-coup the $4 million lost annually to parking violators with out-of-province license plates.

“Facts are facts: people listen when there are penalties to their actions. And I am here today saying those blocking our roadways will no longer get away with it. The traffic crisis in this city is too urgent.”

Tory said he has the co-operation of Bill Blair, the chief of the Toronto Police Service, to redeploy officers from residential streets to major intersections and roads, to ensure there is enough extra personnel on hand to enforce the new rules.

In reaction to what is happening in the city, Canada Post is reviewing the way it operates in Toronto, examining pick-up and delivery operations, and is developing a plan to “help alleviate this issue.”

The Crown corporation said it “understands that the City of Toronto must address ongoing issues with traffic congestion and gridlock in the downtown core. We also understand that our own delivery vehicles contribute to traffic congestion. In order to meet the needs of our customers our employees have to temporarily park vehicles in the downtown core. They clear out street letter boxes, deliver and collect mail and parcels from thousands of residential and commercial addresses each day.”

Beginning today, Canada Post will add additional mail and parcel pick-ups at corporate and franchise post offices in the downtown cores between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. The thinking is that will shorten the amount of time needed to clear out store at the end of the day, during the afternoon rush hour.

Then on January 12, Canada Post will implement later pick-up times for on-street mailboxes on the roads in the affected area. Additionally, the corporation said it is looking at changing the location and clearance time for almost 400 boxes in the area. Both of these changes are designed to shift stop-times to off-peak hours between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, and again after 7:00 PM.

There are also plans to “review of the activities that Canada Post doesn’t control directly such as delivery (including large volume receivers) and pick-ups (both on-demand and scheduled). Those changes will likely require adjustments from our customers: mailroom hours, drop off/pick-up locations, pick-up times, different mode of delivery (to first floor versus all floors, different entrance, etc.). We are starting those discussions with our customers as soon as possible.”

According to Canada Post, it will take time before all of its downtown operations can be altered. It reports that “within the 14 main streets in the area of Yonge/Bloor/Bathurst/Front, Canada Post serves almost 8,000 addresses, delivering and picking up mail and parcels on almost 200 delivery and clearance routes.”

The other points of Tory’s plan involve better co-ordination of road closures, and launching a “multi-organizational traffic enforcement team” and adding 40 additional cameras, which will allow “staff [to] communicate directly with Toronto Police about traffic problems and get them solved immediately.” (Tory would also like to gather the visuals shot by news organizations’ traffic-spotting planes and helicopters and feed them into this traffic control centre.) He also wants to see the police clear accidents sites faster, have more co-operation between police and traffic enforcement units, accelerate the reprogramming of traffic signals and the introduction of new smart traffic signals, make it harder to close roads for construction projects, and to speed up public sector construction and infrastructure projects.

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  • Yay …. All that yet not even one idea or plan to deal with the major arteries of what is arguably one of the most difficult cities to move on a major freeway. Where’s the plan to help the 400 series highways?, in particular the 401 ? Oh wait…he doesn’t use those and voters from outside his city core?… Who cares.

    There are several ways to help make the 401 flow, but who will listen to a rather decent plan?, where do you even submit answers to obvious traffic issues ??

    I wonder if anyone else finds it interesting that the same day they implement a plan to use tow trucks by the 100s , and yank anyone in the way off the streets, they also implement a plan to add tow truck operators into the Hours Of Service rules and limit their work days as well?

  • Is the same brilliant mind that stated family time being missed in that article being an issue not concerned about all the people whose hours just got shifted to do these late and early deliveries , and after 7pm clearing etc… Are they not aware that those people were likely home with their families in the evening before , yet now will not be able to see their kids before bed etc ? For every one person that MIGHT make it home 5 minutes faster, there are two that won’t be home for dinner at all now. Thanks Tory. I wonder if while they dreamed this master plan up of downtown core traffic chaos anybody looked up from their Martini glass long enough to ponder the CLOSING of current lanes to make room for bicycles. Ya know, the ones that don’t pay any tax, insurance or obey any laws and only use the lane in good weather? . How about you find a place to deal with a few bicycles and make lanes on the sidewalk or elsewhere for the limited season they are used,and give back the roads to the vehicles that pay your taxes through fuel and other ways. Seems a lot easier to find space for a cyclist than it is to make space for cars, trucks and busses. And while you’re at it…get over the biggest waste of space and traffic causing machines ….drop the street cars for busses that are far more versatile, way less costly, run in the CURB lane making it far safer for riders to get on and off, and don’t cause a city wide backup when one breaks down or there is a power failure. Common sense left this city years ago.

  • How about that Canada Post truck that sits southbound on Bay St at the Air Canada Center for hours on end during PM rush blocking the right lane making southbound Bay a one laner? What’s he doing? Getting Autographs????

  • What’s with the Go Bus “only” lane on the DVP while other buses are not allowed? Is a bus not a bus? Maybe a red bike only lane is appropriate too!

  • Good on Canada Post for showing some leadership. What is not mentioned in the article is that they are exempt from parking tickets and regulations.

  • Yah, the DVP GO bus lanes that removed any paved shoulders for accident clearing or breakdowns, emergency vehicle access to pass gridlock , or a buffer zone for those texting morons to not bounce off the guardrail every rush hour. And it doesn’t even run the full length , so we have the joy of the bus trying to merge again into the travelled lanes and stacking up traffic even more. Again. Brilliant. …Wouldn’t expect anything better from these meatheads at the big city round table.

  • Instead of punishing the drivers who are just trying to do their job, picking up and delivering mail, parcels and other goods to the businesses , why not stop ALL door to door delivery and get rid of the mail drop boxes and just have all these businesses do their own delivery and pickup to post office and other warehouses instead of having a driver fined for bringing it to them.
    Mr. Tory seems to have taken a page out of an Sun newspaper editor of some years ago who suggested there should be no trucks allowed in the city that didn’t fit the streets.
    Personally I thought it was a good idea! It would have saved me a lot of headaches.
    Does this ABSOLUTLY no parking include emergency vehicles what about fire trucks.
    What about disabled people who need to park close to their destination?
    Yep its all about the votes.

  • I agree with some of what you say Bev,

    Is it fair to punish all truck drivers too and plunge them into a world of constant night shifts?, what about the business they are delivering too?… Are they forced now to hire a night receiver just to toss a few loaves of bread or bags of chips on the shelves after hours? Do you think we will pay more if they have to hire a dedicated night shift to receive goods, of course we will… Do you think if these drivers get ” night premiums ” for pay, the end result will be you and I and everybody else paying more for everything?… Of course we will. Do you think Joe Public will be crying the blues when they pop into a corner store that no longer carries what they want or doesnt have something on the shelves because a suitable delivery couldn’t be arranged. There are other ways to deal with traffic issues but these people are too brain dead to explore any other options. They have tunnel vision. It’s too bad they just never see the train thats coming right at us through that same tunnel. Hey John Tory…If you can read…. One and done. Figure it out.