Canadian Freight Index a Mixed Bag in September

TORONTO — There was a nine percent year-over-year increase in Transcore’s Canadian Freight Index for September while month-over-month load volumes dropped by five percent.

TransCore reported that while there was a third quarter drop of five percent from Q2, volumes increased by one percent when compared to the 1Q13 and rose two percent compared to 3Q12.

Continuing the “down a month, up from last year” trend were equipment postings: down by five percent month-over-month, but were up 15 percent year-over-year.

Top equipment volumes in September were:

Dry vans at 52%

Reefers at 23%

Flatbeds at 19%

The equipment-to-load ration decreased in September to 2.56 from 2.57 in August.

Intra-Canada volume saw its highest levels year-to-date and contributed 28 percent of the total volumes for September. Month-over-month, they increased two percent. Cross-border loads destined for provinces within Canada accounted for 67 percent of overall volume.

Top regions for loads into Canada by region of destination were:

Ontario 55%

Western 26%

Quebec 17%

Atlantic 2%

Top regions for loads within Canada by region of origin were:

Western 44%

Ontario 32%

Quebec 17%

Atlantic 7%

Top regions for loads within Canada by region of destination were:

Western 34%

Ontario 37%

Quebec 26%

Atlantic 3%

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