Capacity up, rates down

DAT trendlines graphBEAVERTON, OR – U.S. Freight rates sank a little in the past week, as did fuel surcharges, according to trucking analysts at DAT.

For the week of Jan. 11-17, the firm said U.S. capacity grew by 24%, the first indicator of a more typical, slow winter freight season. Freight rates slipped lower for vans, flatbeds and reefers.


Van rates drop below $2.00

The national average rate for vans declined another 3¢ per mile last week, dropping below $2.00 for the first time since May. The line haul portion of the rate slipped 2¢ and the average fuel surcharge lost 1¢.

The monthly average van rate achieved an off-season peak in December, at $2.08 per mile including fuel. Compared to the same month in 2013, van rates were up 7.2%.

 DAT Trendlines

Flatbed Rates Drop 4¢

Flatbed rates dipped 4¢ last week to $2.25 per mile, including a 1¢ decline in the average fuel surcharge. 

The national average rate for flatbeds fell 2¢ (0.9%) in December, to $2.29. Compared to December 2013, however, flatbed rates rose 12¢ (5.5%) per mile.


Reefer Rate Drops 6¢

The national average for reefers declined another 6¢ last week, to $2.29 per mile. The line haul portion of the rate fell 5¢ and the average fuel surcharge dropped 1¢. 

Reefer rates slipped 1¢ in December, to a national average of $2.36 per mile. Compared to December 2013, rates rose 29¢ (14%) year over year.


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