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CarriersEdge to host webinar on ROI

MARKHAM, Ont. — CarriersEdge announced today that it will be hosting a “Return on Investment” webinar.

The webinar is set for July 11 at 1 p.m. EST and was designed to help fleets determine if an online training program is the right fit for the company.

According to Mark Murrell, vice-president of sales and marketing for CarriersEdge, the webinar will provide information to help determine a fleet’s current training costs; describe what increased driver online training can and can’t do; and discuss what results should be expected if training is bolstered.

“Decisions in the trucking industry are based on ROI, and fleets should know the cost of training, along with its payback,” said Murrell. “There are many variables, and in our webinar we break those out so fleets can make measured decisions. If you’re implementing (or considering) online training, you should have a business case that shows the investment will pay off. It’s rarely as simple as looking at crash or violation costs, so where do you start? That’s where our webinar comes in.”

Murrell said it’s easy for the true cost of training to escape calculations.

“In the session, we will provide formulas for calculating the cost of current activities – like driver meetings and classroom training. And we help identify and capture indirect costs such as salary and overhead, plus we’ll show a formula so a fleet can determine a daily equivalent to use as a foundation for costing,” he said.

Another section looks at assessing online training to see if it can provide a benefit.

“We help fleets understand what can and what can’t be influenced through this training method, and we break out performance metrics that have the potential to be improved upon in added training,” said Murrell.

Finally, the seminar looks at soft and hard benefits of online training, the timeline for results, and how to calculate a final ROI.

To register in advance for the webinar, e-mail:

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