CITT Goes Mobile, Introduces New Private Trucking Courses

TORONTO —  CITT has made it that much easier for professionals to build their supply chain logistics abilities through specialized online courses towards the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation while it has just unveiled a set of courses aimed at those in private trucking.

According to the non-profit logistics training services provider, officially known as the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation, starting Sept. 2, CITT’s learning platform will be fully optimized for smartphones and tablets, in addition to laptop and desktop computers.

“Many professionals in supply chain logistics are eager to earn their CCLP designation, and we have always supported them with leading-edge technology,” said CITT President Catherine Viglas. “Now, CITT students can learn seamlessly across devices, be it using a smartphone during their commute, from their computer during a lunch break, or on a tablet while waiting for a flight at the airport.”

According to the group, interest in the professional credibility that comes with holding CCLP, industry’s most respected and valued professional logistics designation, hit an all-time high this spring, with an unprecedented volume of inquiries from industry professionals.

Registration is open until Aug. 31 for CITT’s fall semester logistics courses, and all of these courses will be offered on the new, multi-device optimized platform.

To learn more or sign up for course, visit the CITT website.

In the meantime, CITT announced that emerging leaders in private trucking now have a fast track to sharpening their industry skills and knowledge.

The Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC) has just unveiled the PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program, comprised of select courses from the CITT program of study.

Designed to equip up-and-coming professionals with the abilities to advance their businesses and careers, the program consists of four specific CITT courses, chosen for their relevance to PMTC member company employees, according to CITT.

“CITT was chosen for the course content for our new PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program, as they are recognized and respected as the leader in logistics management training,” said PMTC President Mike Millian. “And, after professionals gain their diploma from our new program, they can also continue directly with CITT, using their credits towards earning the invaluable CCLP designation.”

The CITT courses that comprise the PMTC Logistics Management Certification Diploma are transportation systems, logistics processes, logistics decision modeling and business approach to writing.

To make PMTC’s diploma program more accessible a Young Leaders Education Bursary Award is also available to two candidates a year, covering the cost of two of the four courses.

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