CITT has rich agenda for Reposition 2008

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TORONTO, Ont. — CITT has planned a rich agenda for its Reposition 2008 – national symposium to be held in Winnipeg from November 5 7.

The list of topics includes:

How Leaders Speak: A Presentation Skills Workshop
Logistics professionals will learn the language leaders speak and then put theory into oratory action. Participants will learn from a renowned media specialist how to prepare and deliver results-oriented speeches, reports and presentations across the corporate hierarchy. Whether they are speaking to an audience of one or 100, participants will learn how to maximize their full potential in this full-day workshop.

Economic Shifts: What is the Impact on your Supply Chain?
Supply chain is currently experiencing extraordinary growth worldwide. But rapid growth and globalization come at a price. Supply chains are now more vulnerable to economic uncertainty and resulting legislative changes at home and internationally than ever before. The Economic Shifts senior panel of transportation and business professionals, moderated by editorial director Lou Smyrlis, will discuss these and other critical issues.

Pandemic Preparedness
When disaster strikes, how can an organization continue to serve its customers, keep employees working and maintain relationships with suppliers? After learning how to construct a viable disaster response framework, a real-world simulation will allow delegates to formulate response strategies to a Level-5 pandemic event. The purpose of this hands-on session is to help participants create a new preparedness plan or improve their existing plan.

Logistics in the Arctic: The Last Frontier
Supply chain and logistics in the Arctic offers unique challenges. Apart from the isolation and inhospitable climate, the lack of infrastructure provides a formidable obstacle. As Canada looks to the Far North to help solve many of the issues we are currently facing, the Arctic will become a major point of discussion. Discovering what this fast-growing region is doing to overcome and adapt will teach logistics professionals how to think and react in a whole new way.

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