CTA publishes Covid-19 tip sheet for carriers

by Today's Trucking

TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has produced a document outlining a cross-section of policies and considerations that trucking companies are reviewing in the fight against Covid-19.

Considerations for driving staff include instructions to limit the frequency of face-to-face contact during pickups and deliveries, at truck stops, repair facilities, and driver lounges. Other communication measures being considered instead include text messaging, personal mobile phones, and satellite systems.

Other guidance includes promoting the washing of hands after sneezing or coughing, touching someone else’s hands, or touching commonly touched surfaces.

Sanitized wipes are also being considered for the daily cleaning of cab and cargo door handles, seat belts, steering wheels, mirrors, gear shifts, control knobs, buttons, latches and handles, satellite systems, personal protective equipment, clip boards and pens.

Alcohol-based sanitizing gels are promoted for use throughout the day.

The document includes other considerations for office staff, visitor policies, and more.

Further resources include printable posters, legal resources, government resources, and other documents that can be adapted for the workplace.

For the complete document, visit http://cantruck.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/CTA-COVID-19-Resources-for-Carriers_public.pdf.


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  • I want to see a program for truck drivers to know that the. C T A it’s membership and the Federal, Provincial Government have a plan to provide and pay for Medical Care and transport in the event of a truck driver getting C19. To trust private insurance companies will leave too many people to make their own arrangements. Like had to do when my insurance company delays my claim for 6 years after my house got hit by a windstorm and 5 year after a accident.

  • This does not address the issue of…is the family of the driver safe when the driver comes home for a few days after being all over North America? They don’t know if or when they have come into contact with someone who has contracted COVID19 or has symptoms come on after the driver leaves for the next trip?
    What is a solution?

  • There is no protection for truck drivers who get sick or injured. The C T A , insurance companies, government do not seem to care about truck drivers life. I have been working with a nonprofit group that tells me many truck drivers have to arrange medical care and transport at their own expense. Many truck drivers are parked as they do not trust the Ontario government, insurance companies or O T A to protect them.