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CTA publishes video explaining changing shipper-carrier relations in an ELD world

TORONTO, Ont.  – Mandatory Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) – coming into effect in the U.S. in December 2017 and in Canada shortly after – are changing carrier-shipper relations. As carriers gear up to comply with the rule, shippers need to consider the implications to their own businesses.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has released a white board video and one-page infographic explaining the implications of ELDs on the shipper community. Specifically, the video describes how the supply chain has an obligation to reduce waiting time and ensure truck drivers’ time is spent driving rather than waiting to load and unload and customers’ facilities.

“Under an ELD mandate, hours of service rules are not a stop watch that can be halted and restarted,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “The entire supply chain coming under the microscope. Pushing carriers and drivers to bend compliance is no longer an option.”

Carriers are encouraged to share the video and infographic with their supply chain partners and customers.

“We’re hopeful this commons sense message will help all parties to become more flexible and fulfill their responsibility to create a safe supply chain in an ELD world,” says Laskowski.

CTA anticipates Canada will publish its own ELD proposal later this fall.

You can watch the video below.

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1 Comment » for CTA publishes video explaining changing shipper-carrier relations in an ELD world
  1. Robert Allard says:

    This is a good viable plan but shippers who are relying on the crop being picked up fresh and loaded … That they can not control it so many of us have to wait from one hour to 10 hours in the yard, so even if it is day time and some carrier have a letter saying the driver is not on DUTY while waiting but still attach to his trailer there is a confusion…and debate by a driver thinking while waiting you are working not driving so it ome to the violations of hours, I have seen at a supplier advising driver even though being out of hours they have to leave the premises or being towed out, What will they do to solved the reefer haulers saga???Perishable goods are time sensitive and it will have to be address sooner or later.

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