David Abney signs UPS onto diversity pledge

ALTALNTA, GA – UPS CEO and Chairman David Abney has taken a pledge to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Abney signed the pledge just a month after 175 CEOs came together to launch the “CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion” program, aimed at creating a more welcoming work environment for everyone.

“UPS’s numerous programs focusing on diversity and inclusion are critical components of our business strategy – they help to support growth and accelerate innovation,” said Abney. “We have joined this prominent initiative and signed The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge because it aligns with our viewpoint that diversity and inclusion are part of our core values.”

The group has swelled to a total of more than 270 CEOs, non-profit, and academic leaders pledging to bring more open discussions, actions, and learning opportunities surrounding diversity to their respective organizations.

The group says they hope that by bringing organizations together like this they not only foster environments of community and inclusiveness, but of creativity and innovation as well. They will be meeting at a summit in November to discuss longer-term growth strategies.

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