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DHL goes green, earns LEED certification status

BRAMPTON, Ont. – DHL announced today that its headquarters in Brampton, Ontario has earned its first LEED certification status.

The facility, which was opened back in 2012, earned the designation because of its environmentally responsible programs, systems and innovation throughout the building, that was designed to conserve energy and reduce water and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company claims the certification supports DHL’s GoGreen environmental protection program, which includes a quantified target to improve its carbon efficiency by 2020.

Brampton’s first LEED certified facility offers numerous environmentally economical features that helped qualify the building including:

  • Water use reduction strategies included more efficient bathrooms and
    fixtures which resulted in a usage reduction of 46%;
  • 1 million litres of drinking water saved;
  • Energy management strategies result in a reduction of energy use by 38%;
  • 80 tons of construction waste generated from the project was recycled
    and diverted from landfills;
  • Energy star rated equipment was installed throughout the facility; and
  • More than half of the regionally purchased furniture for the building
    was manufactured locally, supporting local businesses in the region.

“As the world’s largest logistics service provider, we have a special obligation to implement environmentally-friendly measures and technologies that reduce our carbon footprint,” said Andrew Williams, CEO, DHL Express Canada. “Our first LEED facility is the next step in expanding our GoGreen strategy in Canada and developing practices that promise the biggest efficiency gains and reduction of energy and fuel consumption.”



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