DHL predicts self-driving truck convoys

PLANTATION, FL – Moving self-driving vehicles – already common on warehouse floors – onto public roads is “the next evolutionary step,” according to DHL.

The logistics company has published a new trend report ‘Self-Driving Vehicles in Logistics,’ highlighting the key elements and significant potential of autonomous technologies in the logistics industry.

“Some warehouse operations have been using self-driving vehicles to some extent for years, but making driving in logistics more and more autonomous will change the logistics sector dramatically,” said Dr. Markus K├╝ckelhaus, director of DHL Trend Research. “Moving onto public roads is the next evolutionary step. With its history in deploying self-driving solutions in controlled environments, the logistics industry is in a prime position to further shape the future of self-driving vehicles.”

He suggests that DHL, with its partners and customers, can take a leading role on this path.

As a first step in the self-driving journey, the trend report contains various best-practice applications from different industries and also examines concrete use cases of self-driving vehicles across the entire logistics value chain.

The report anticipates:

  * enhancements to existing driver-assistance functions;

  * then the introduction of autonomous driving in specific situations such as on congested highways;

  * and ultimately fully autonomous truck convoys on highways, 24/7.

“There is no doubt that autonomous driving will change the world of logistics,” said Matthias Heutger, senior vice president of strategy, marketing and development, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “DHL is already applying many solutions for autonomous logistics in warehouse operations and we see ourselves in a prime position to further drive the trend of self-driving vehicles in our industry.”

The ‘Self-Driving Vehicles in Logistics’ trend report is the latest in a series of reports developed by DHL Trend Research. It is available for download.


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