Driver’s four-inch tweety too big: Cops

DETROIT — It’s hard to know how Sylvester The Cat, wherever he is, would react to the news that in Michigan, it’s illegal to have a four-inch Tweety Bird hanging from your rear-view mirror.

But according to a report in the Canadian Council of Transport Administrators’ (CCTA) recent newsletter, a Michigan state trooper pulled over one Lonnie Ray Davis because he had a four-inch Tweety bird hanging from the mirror of his car.

Michigan Law restricts what can hang there because it can impair visibility. (Fuzzy dice, for example, are out out out!)

When the policeman saw Davis’s Tweety, he nabbed him.

If that’s all that happened, you probably wouldn’t even be reading about it but Davis also happened to be packing a gun and some cocaine, and he was ultimately convicted on drugs and weapons charges.

Davis argued that the Tweety Bird did not provide probable cause for the police check, but his argument failed in the lower court. The court found that the cop who stopped Davis did so in good faith.

So for the next decade and a half, Davis will be where Tweety should have stayed, and that is, behind bars.

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