Erb International Wins ‘Another Cool’ Safety Award

L-R: Mike Cain, Michelin; Tom Boehler, Erb, Wendell Erb,Göran Nyberg, president Volvo Trucks N.A.

LAS VEGAS — Erb International was one of two fleets awarded the 2012 Volvo Trucks Safety Award yesterday at the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition.

Michelin Tires joined Volvo to award each recipient 25,000 for their safety-first focus.

The awards are given in two categories: one for fleets with less than 20 million miles of annual operation — the one Erb picked up — and the other for those with more than 20 million miles, which went to Muñoz Trucking of El Paso, TX.

Fleets were ranked by their accident frequency rates, using the U.S. Department of Transportation definition of a “recordable accident,” as well as their accident prevention programs, Volvo said.

It’s not just something you decide to do overnight,” said Wendell Erb, president and CEO, on the Baden, ON. company’s commitment to safety.

And it shows in the numbers: Erb operates more than 240 trucks, and in 2011 recorded an accident frequency rate of just .294 while logging 27,210,747 miles on the road.

Erb focuses on employee training and performance by establishing an employee and driver wellness program, encouraging and supporting driver participation in Truck Driving Championships, offering a driver performance monitoring and incentive program and collecting driver performance data for use in developing driver risk assessment reports. They also stress preventative safety through a hazard prevention program, active communication of safety reminders in all terminal driver’s rooms and available driver supervisors and trainers at each terminal.

Mr. Erb mentioned the company’s “ProDrive Monitoring Program,” which monitors hard brake incidents and speed, and also awards good driving behaviour.

Tom Boehler, director of safety and compliance for Erb International, gave most of the credit to the company’s employees. “It’s the employee’s willingness to participate in our programs that makes us a success.”

And, to share a little good news for those employees, Mr. Erb said that the monetary awards in their ProDrive Monitoring Program are going to get a “a bump up,” thanks to the $25,000 cheque.

And check out this video Volvo put together on Erb:

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