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Failed drug tests high in legalizing states

TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is repeating its call for rules to guide random drug testing, following research that shows an increase in positive marijuana tests in U.S. jurisdictions that have legalized the drug.

Canadian legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use is expected this summer.

Since 2016, the number of safety-sensitive workers who tested positive for marijuana increased 39% in Nevada, 20% in California, and 11% in Massachusetts, Quest Diagnostics found in a review of 10 million drug tests conducted in the U.S.

“These increases are similar to the increases we observed after recreational marijuana use statues were passed in Washington and Colorado,” said Barry Sample, senior director – science and technology.

“CTA has maintained that if risk is to be downloaded to employers as a result of legalization, then we need the necessary tools to help mitigate that risk,” says Jonathon Blackham, the alliance’s director of policy and public affairs.


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2 Comments » for Failed drug tests high in legalizing states
  1. Philip Fox says:

    It should be the same rule as alcohol as long as you’re not smoking while you’re driving it’s good to go.

  2. Robert Allard says:

    From what I do remember drug of any kind still drug even if it become classified has recreational same as alcohol isn’t?
    My las job before retirement was last year and I had to go true drug testing at a cost to me of 65 dollars previously the employer was paying for this but not anymore or maybe it became some sort of we do not tell you and we take the money of your first pay check and too late to brag about it .
    Now it will cost a lot just to work as a highway driver and not worth it even if you are a drug free person. Trudeau has made a huge mistake and we will all pay for that.

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