Federal regulators propose fines for Hours of Service, ELDs

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Transport Canada is looking to establish a series of penalties under federal Hours of Service rules – with the most severe infractions generating fines as high as $2,000 for motor carriers and $1,000 for drivers.

Several of the penalties involve rules around electronic logging devices (ELDs), which all federally regulated carriers will see enforced beginning Jan. 1.

“If an individual is both a driver and a motor carrier, they could be subject to pay the applicable fine as driver and the applicable fine as motor carrier,” Transport Canada adds in a document about the related consultations, referring to the trucking industry’s independent contractors.

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Online comments about the proposal are being collected until Dec. 1.

Drivers would face fines of up to $300 for minor administrative and recordkeeping issues, while carriers would be fined up to $600. For carriers, such infractions would include failing to ensure an ELD is configured to record yard moves or that trucks are equipped with ELD user manuals. Minor infractions for drivers would include issues like failing to accept or reject a carrier’s change to a record of duty status.

Moderate and major infractions

The costs for “moderate” infractions identified in the proposal reach up to $500 for drivers and $1,000 for motor carriers. These involve on-duty and driving limits, off-duty requirements, more serious recordkeeping problems that increase risk, and issues that hamper the monitoring of compliance. Examples of such infractions would include carriers that fail to ensure a truck has an ELD which complies with technical standards, or a driver who fails to record all the information associated with their record of duty status.

Topping the scale would be fines of up to $1,000 for drivers and $2,000 for motor carriers – applying to “severe” violations such as tampering, falsifying, or obstructing; the most serious recordkeeping breaches that prevent effective enforcement; and the most serious cases where people have run afoul of on-duty and driving limits as well as rest requirements.

In terms of the ELD, these fines would apply to carriers that allow truck drivers to use more than one device at the same time and for the same period.

Looking for feedback

Transport Canada is asking for feedback about the proposals and fines, whether the changes would help advance commercial vehicle safety, and how the proposal would affect Canadians, commercial drivers, and motor carriers.

“Allowing enforcement officers to issue tickets to violators will help enforce the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations,” Transport Canada notes, describing tickets as an “efficient tool” for enforcement officers. “If an offender receives a ticket, they will be able to plead guilty and pay the fine without needing to appear in court. This will help ease pressures on our courts and make our systems more efficient and cost-effective.”

“Anything that allows people to enforce the regulations is a good thing, so this will help eliminate some gaps,” said Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC). “What this does is allow provincial enforcement agencies to apply fines to federally regulated carriers.”

B.C. and Quebec, for example, have yet to introduce ELD-related changes to Hours of Service rules in their respective jurisdictions.

While PMTC is still compiling its formal submission, Millian said he believes carriers that fail to monitor a driver’s Hours of Service should face severe fines, rather than the minor penalties that are proposed. “Once you have an ELD in place, a carrier has the ability to monitor a driver’s Hours of Service in real time,” he said.

Lexington Slater, one of only two people to comment in the online forum, pointed to a gap in the rules.

“A federal HOS contravention conviction written outside the province of Ontario, to an Ontario commercial vehicle driver, does not show on the abstract of that driver,” Slater said. “It’s a national problem. Small gaps like this need to be addressed for these regulations to have any material effect.”

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  • Border wait times need to be addressed ! I have waited as long as 3hours @ Ambassador Bridge to get into Windsor. Out of hours due to these.

  • Off topic, has the USA noticed a HUGE increase in vehicle accidents involving semi trucks since ELD have been introduced, as a truck driver that has run paper and elds you can see it foot on the floor for your allowed time you need your head on a swivel to cross parking lot 40 to 60 km. I’m sure it will be different here, it’s a race against the clock. I’m not stopping for a mid day nap for rush hour nope, in all honesty running Canada it’s not really an issue for me plenty of hours to take care of busy legally, it’s more of an inconvenience….so what’s the problem read the first line so is that winning…..thats F’d up

    • Yes and I can tell you the ELD’S are a joke. They make you go balls to the wall for 11 hours. I don’t understand what DOT is thinking. They should come out and ride with a trucker for a shift and see what we have to deal with. I would like to know how many people at the DOT level or FMCSA are or were Truck drivers?? If I had to guess I would say not many they are making rules and regulations that are killing the industry. They wonder the industry is short Drivers maybe they should drive a truck and they would have a different outlook on things

  • Again more regulations. And more money grabbing. Parking issues make things difficult for drivers as is. Now you want to take more money from them. You people realize that trucks keep you alive right? Or have you forgotten about that. HOS didn’t matter during covid, or natural disaster recovery. Us drivers run our selves into the ground more than any other profession. You don’t give 2 shits about us. I hope you all know how to live off grid cause trucks are going to stop running. We are tired of you people telling us how to do our job and don’t appreciate our work at all. Funny thing is none of you federal law makers have ever drove a truck, but you sure act like you know trucks. None of you probably have done a days of hard manual labor in your life.

  • It’s great that you have mandated Elogs, however, there are so many issues with them. the long waiting times at the rail yards, who is dealing with them?????
    So, a driver runs out of hours sitting in the yard, what do we do, have them park in the yard until a reset.
    Then you have shortage of drivers, remember that one, or did you forget that.
    Lets not forget insurance companies want us to hire drivers with 2 years experience, well guess what, a lot of them don’t have 2 yrs, and can’t get that because insurance does not want you to hire them.
    I love the fact that you want to fine everyone, how about fixing the other problems that the transport community faces.
    Have you not shopped at the stores, guess what, when transport companies get delays, have to pay for more fuel, for labor, for maintenance, for stickers etc … guess who has to pay at the end, you!

  • I’ve been saying this over and over the only way us drivers and the trucking industry will stop the government from gouging us is all to go home and park the trucks for two weeks. Then we will get what we want. Let’s plan something for next year to shut the country down, not a convoy or a protest. Just everybody go home that will teach the government a lesson. That’s the only way ELD’s were a joke when they came out all it is is a big race out there now we have more accidents more driver speeding threw parking lot to save time. It’s ridiculous and thank God I’m done with trucking I would never encourage anybody to go into the trucking industry at one time I did not anymore take care.

    • I always wonder why people ( truck drivers) can’t see that it is not the regulations that are killing them. No pay for waiting time, it’s the government fault, need more hours to work and drive so that I can make a living? Government’s fault. This was 30 years ago a good profession, then contractors and deregulation started, companies asked for it, brokers needed it, it will drive down the cost of transportation. Well it did and the ones that it cost was the drivers. Did they try to stop it, quit the profession? No just complain to that it was the government fault.

    • You are exactly right! The problem is doing that you can guarantee that there would be big scab transport companies that would keep running loads for fk all and bankrupt the O/O

    • Shut down 2 weeks during the summer, book your campsite in advance. The Ingrates will suffer with no freight as we enjoy life. Repeat every year at different times. We have the power. No blocking roads ect.

  • Is it any wonder no one wants to do this job? The exception is recent immigrants to Canada and even then it is only a stepping stone as they say themselves the life of the over the road driver is awful. Why is the trucking industry so vulnerable to overregulation? Maybe the Liberal government who never met a regulation they didn’t like? Or outsize influence of corporate industry on government? As we saw during Covid, trucking is an arterial necessity that is being degraded and dumbed down to our country’s great disadvantage. As a 45 year driver this is heartbreaking to me and I exit the industry felling mostly sadness and with great concern for the future.

  • Our Country relies on goods to be transported by Carriers to keep us going, this is a no brainer. I would be more concerned on Driver Training rather than nit picking ELD/Logs in order to fine people to the point of not being in this industry anymore. For some, ELD’s are a huge learning curve and it’s very easy to make small mistakes on your logs. If the plan is to issue fines constantly you are going to literally shoot yourselves in the foot.
    ELD’s are a blessing and a curse. Now Driver’s are forced to keep driving when it’s unsafe in order to use every second of their hours once the clock starts ticking. Wait/loading times aren’t accounted for. Chaining up or taking chains off. You are actually encouraging people to cut corners in order to fulfil their tasks efficiently.

  • @Brady Sullivan & @John Dozios … agreed there are waiting time issues everywhere. Up until this point it has always been the driver’s word against the shipper’s, receiver’s, or the company’s word. ELDs provide real-time hard evidence that the supply chain has a problem, not the drivers that service it. With ELD in hand you will be able to say, with confidence and conviction, “I sat here for x number of hours. Where’s my pay?”, and no one will be able to argue your evidence.
    @Brady Sullivan … to answer your questions, there’s nothing wrong with ELDs. They work perfectly.
    Yes, you park your driver until he has hours to move again. The difference is that now you have evidence to send someone a bill for your wasted time.
    Yes, there is a shortage of drivers. Yes, it will get worse. Why is that a bad thing? What happens when demand outstrips supply by orders of magnitude?
    What other problems are there in the transport community that are the government’s problem to fix?
    Stop worrying about the end consumer. They are not your problem. They will inform the government of there displeasure in the form of votes. Let the system work like it is supposed to.
    @Wyatt Smithson … Yes HOS mattered during COVID although it was highly unlikely you were going to be checked for them. Disaster recovery really is kind of different isn’t it? It’s not really fair to lump that in with everything else is it?
    Trucks are never going to stop running and you know it. That is such a ridiculous threat.
    You are quite likely correct that the overwhelming majority of government bureaucrats and elected officials have ever been in a truck, nor have they likely ever done a day’s work of manual labour. I will add one thing that bears keeping in mind … our Prime Minister, before being elected, has never held a full time job in his life.
    @EVERYONE … stop reminiscing about the “Old Days”. Yes, they were great, but they’re gone, and they are not coming back. Get over it and move on.
    Industry does not want ELDs just so they can “screw the driver”. How does that even make sense? That’s like shooting your cow because it’s not giving as much milk as you think it should.
    Among many reasons, industry wants the ELD so it can 1) prove it is not the problem with the supply chain, 2) prove that it, and by extension its drivers are woefully underpaid, 3) prove that it is not the primary cause of accidents, injuries, and accidents, and by extension prove that it deserves better insurance rates than it is getting.
    If drivers would stop thinking about ELDs with their hearts, and start using their heads, they would realize that never before in this industry’s history has the driver had so much power literally at their fingertips.

    • Could not have put it it any better.
      You covered all bases. ELDs are what the industry
      has needed for long time to give the driver what he deserves

  • Boy oh boy, I can’t wait to get my CDL and get out there and be regulated unto bankruptcy. Why would anyone want to be a driver?

  • Where does it end? I am 66 years old and have seen a lot of Bull in the regulations for the trucking industry. They want food and goods on their tables and clothes on their back and want to penalize truckers for work and supplying the people so now you want thus and that but you also want to make it harder for the tru king industry. We have a whole lot of brain dead regulators. Wake up in the end you will have to man up and tell your families and grand kids you were part of the group which destroyed the food and supply chain, sorry you can’t eat today and you have to wear clothes which are wore out because the trucking industry is destroyed.

  • It seems the government is still trying to find ways to milk truck drivers and trucking itself. Continue doing so will result in total economy collapse. If there’s no one to transport the heart of the economy will go down the drain. The issue is NOT the drivers, it is the shippers and receivers that retain truckers for 3-12+ hours in dock doors with no consequences.

    • As it stands today waiting is basically your word against the shipper/receiver. With an ELD you have irrefutable proof you were there for the alleged period of time.

  • This is going to cause 10% of the drivers with more than 5 yrs experiance to leave unless a plan of safe parking with bathrooms shower and internet is in place along the highway and at receivers. The shippers andd receivers should be fimed when they tell a driver to leave without hours az the same amount as the driver is fined. Many drivers comming to canada tell me they ate planning on leaving after they get their P R and their children to canada. We need to reduce turnover rates below 25 % and have a set min tired hourly rate with overtime and a unpaid 30 min break if the drivers wants after 4 hrs or more after the last 30 min break
    Huron easy share and others are pushing for 11 paid sick days a yr plus medical in ont to cover everything for the driver not covered by the ont gov. I see truck drivers thst sre living in a church at night thst gives them 1 meal a day in huron county
    When become sick or injuref. E logs are about control and will only improve saftey when dispatchers and shippers and receivers are fined for pushing truck drivers to push too far.

  • I am all for safety however there are a lot of issues with the ELD’s.
    1) there is major concerns for parking, like there isn’t enough. I know the reply is a driver should preplan but that also could mean shutting down 2 hours earlier than what you can drive for the day. You may think this isn’t a big deal but it means the driver who usually would run 5 days a week may have to run 6, which means less time at home. Or not home at all for that week. Not to mention starring out the windshield wishing you could get further.
    2) Smart drivers wait out traffic during rush hour or sit at a truck stop for an hour waiting for the plow trucks to do there job so its safe to run. Now they will be forced to run to try and race the clock that is ever ticking.
    Here is an example that will now cost the carrier huge and will be put back to the custome eventually.
    If your in golden heading to revelstoke and you have 30 to 45 min left on your log book. You won’t make it to the top of rogers pass, but let’s say it’s nice out and over night is suppose to be a snow storm. Personally I would drive over that day if I felt I could do it. Why, because it’s safer than waiting till the morning and driving through a blizzard climbing the rogers pass. Not to mention you could loose hours if you have to chain up or deal with any other wrecks that may occur because of that snow storm. ELDs are suppose to support safety but it’s a lot safer running an hour over your hours to get over the pass that could be a disaster the next day!
    3) I’m still unclear as to what you do with your log book if you run out of hours and are stopped on the hwy due to a police emergency? We use to just nap then drive to a safe pull out once the road opens. Can we still do that or are we over hours then and if we take 4 hours off there and have to move will we need 8 hours of rest again after being stopped for 4 already? This stuff happens all of the time on the hwy between calgary and vancouver. Sometimes after the highway clears you still need to drive for 2 hours because there is no pull outs for trucks

    • 1) That will get sorted out, but it’s going to take the ELD to prove the issues.
      2) The clock has always been ticking. The HOS rules haven’t changed.
      3) Read the HOS regulations and your ELD’s manual. There are provisions and practices in there to deal with every situation you just mentioned.

  • The government is destroying trucking making it unsafe anytime you try and make a human a robot you are causing a driver to drive tired so the government needs to have common sense but as you can see they lack common sense

    • What would they when trucks brake down the robot can’t fix it that receiver get late delivery but me ask driver will fix my right away to show humans are better them robot

  • I have no problem with fines being imposed, truck drivers do what you are hired to do no more no less, if you can’t make your delivery in the requested time say something. You are the drive you know how long it will take you to drive this country, no excuse to take a 15 hour trip and you are 20 hours away. Driver’s complain about unreasonable deadlines and not eld, fines, hos, Dispatcher, brokers, shippers should not be able to tell a customer when I load can be delivered the can make a reasonable recommendation but that’s for the truck drivers to do. I tired of hearing truck drivers complain about everything but the right thing.

  • I’m a third generation driver & Owner/Operator, I’ve been driving since 1980 & have seen a multitude of changes. The HOS need revamped, again! The 14 hour rule. I’m sure there has been drivers tired when they probably should be resting but YOU put them on the road because of this dumb rule! Then a driver has to keep moving, into rush hour traffic, instead of napping or waiting a few hours for traffic to die down, and a few more things that could be said here. ELD. I was just wondering how many of you work under so close a scrutiny? When was the last time you got a ticket for pulling your desk over to answer a call or email and went to the restroom and check your cubicle out to make sure it was safe to finish your hours of service, could you imagine a local officer meeting at your place of business and asked you for your ELD or in most cases your time card, because truly that’s all an ELD is, then write you a $500.00 ticket because you forgot to change your duty status?
    Guess what!? That’s something that really happens for a driver!
    How about you folks out there that run your own business? You work from, sometimes from early morning to late in the evening making sure all your employees know what time to be to work, making sure all the materials you need that day is there, then run the job site, go home and do all the paperwork and payroll as well. Imagine if the State police knock on your door and said you’ve been on the clock for 72 hours in the last 8 days and here is your receipt of the summons to pay a $1000.00 or appear in court because you worked 2 hours over your allotted time, or you didn’t take your 30 minute break within the first 8 hours today or better yet 3 days ago. Some of you think I’m kidding or making this up but no it’s real for every CDL driver out here today! And folks this is just a very small example of the Laws drivers go through everyday of the year. Please don’t tell me because people at other jobs don’t get as tired, you would be wrong! The majority of truck accidents are caused by tired driver in personal vehicles, or drivers in a hurry to get something done because their too tired or their not paying attention to to driving their POV, they have their minds else where, work, home store or seeing family or friends. They’re talking with someone in their car, listen to music or on the phone with someone instead of having they’re minds on driving and the professional driver pays the price when the person in the POV runs a red light, cuts a semi truck off, pulls out in front of a 40 ton truck or best yet brake checks or stops in front of one.
    For the most part driving can be a good life, most times for low wages, but good. But the folks making these Laws you have never been in a truck, and probably have only seen them in pictures. I respectfully ask you to stop making stupid Laws! Go to a truck show at least once in your career and see what we have done, what we know, what our gripes are and how we can help each other out. We want to be safe, because everyone wins when we’re safe, because we want to go home at the end of our run as well as we want the public to go home at the end of their day. Drivers keep the sunny side up, Law makers help us help you to make smart Laws not dumb costly ones that make us say bad things about them.

  • Under title “ELD rules to see mixed enforcement on Jan. 1” You’ll notice an image. Driver using “PeopleNet”.

    Law enforcement don’t know how to use them and they won’t listen to drivers. By looking closely in that image. That ELD is actually illegal, since you cannot remove it from the truck to present it to the officer. But when you do remove it. You get a warning that the ELD is non complaint.

    To summarize, they enforce rules on a device that no one knows how to be 100% legal.

    I have been dealing with this junk for years and it’s never gotten better.

  • Being able to take a break!? The state and federal governments want to fine you for going over HOS , I believe that the government needs to put up or shut up under the guise of safety ; on the Interstate federal highways every 30 miles have a parking area for 250 over the road trucks and every 60 miles on the state highways!

  • The trucking industry is already heavy regulated and you are going to add more to the table, looks to me that all you want as many companies suck more blood out of those poor drivers. Truck cost close to 200 k, insurance is too spensive, mechanics charge too much, road service is too espensive, brokers stays with 30 percent of the load, police instead of being a friend looks like the enemy of the road, scales are not sync between states each state are not friendly with trucks, cities want groceries and parts but hate trucks, companies do not pay enough anymore, diesel is too expensive 5+ USD, many police officer sat down and trap trucks with constructions zones with no one working on the area. Truck ships charge for parking too much… omg Poor truck driver he need to quit to ungreateful, system who only wants money out of him or he.

    • What more regulations were added? The HOS regulations haven’t changed. Only the way you record them has changed.

  • Everyone should stock up on groceries, especially meat before January 1 as the livestock industry isn’t ready for e logs. As it stands now I would say 90 percent of livestock haulers are not on board with e logs. E logs DO NOT work with CFIA requirements or common sense or real life situations. E logs requirements may put a driver in violation of cfia rules and are not in the best interest of the livestock being hauled. If 90 percent of livestock trucks park January 1 a lot of people that work in the meat industry won’t have work in the new year.

  • I’m a driver in the USA. I’m all for these increases!! Drivers and Motor Carriers need to be held accountable for egregious acts that could easily result in a major accident that could seriously injure someone or possibly even death!!

  • What’s gonna happen when all these drivers get the courage, to finally shut it down, and you know now with economy the way it is, the holidays comming, what you gonna come up with then?
    Try to see that picture in your head, Trucks parked all over the Hiway all over the country, reefer units have 2 days worth of fuel, piss bottles, bags of trash, drivers taking a shit along side of there truck
    Yall are trying to open up a can of worms, and when it happens this country will be in termoil, and somebody is gonna have to take the blame, yall cane up with these clocks because seen away to make money, save life’s?? I don’t think so, it’s putting life’s in danger, drivers are being forced to drive fatigue, sick and everything else that could hinder the performance of a driver and people arond them
    They shut it down in France some years ago and it didn’t even take 36hrs befor there goverment gave in, and it’s the same as what’s gonna happen in the USA, your playing with fire cause you think we won’t stand up for ourselfs, like i said, not how it’s gonna happen but when?

  • Seriously need a major strike in the us and Canada to put these people back in line and show our value , stupid rules , fuel psst.

  • Since equipment has improved driver should have the freedom to chose how and when they driver
    HOS have been set by unions and do not include ior help independent

  • I’ve been driving for 31 years I’m tired of the rule changes without consulting with the one’s who do the job the driver. Drivers let’s shut in down for 3 days that’s all it would take for the government and the public to understand how important truck drivers are to this nation.

  • Rather than turn their attention to fines for ELD violations, federal and provincial regulators should first get their collective act together and have all the required enabling legislation/regulations in place for the use and enforcement of ELDs . As things currently stand some Provinces still do not their enabling legislation place for the coming into force of the ELD mandate on January 1, 2023

    But this focus on fines is a typical of the “cart before the horse” approach by Transport Canada

  • So now on top of shutting a truck down for 34 hrs where the driver can’t make money, they are also going to take more food off the table by charging the driver a fine. Coincidentally when these drivers CANT pay the fine, the next step is to suspend the license. I wonder if this will only continue to negatively affect the transportation industries ability to deliver, causing the price of goods and fuel to keep going up. The ELD mandates have never been about safety; which has been proven year after year, yet regulation of the industry continues at a record pace. Good luck keeping professional qualified drivers in the seats. I know I already quit driving because of these issues.

  • I have been driving for 40 yrs and companies put dispatchers in place that sit behind a computer with no clue. We have companies trying to save money which makes sense ,but are going the wrong way they are not taking advice from drivers. Example you travel the highways and see rubber tires littering the roadways these are the most dangerous tires (recaps!) In the long run if you spend a little more for nonrecaps you get better mileage/longer life span/down time for your drivers. I have sat for Hours waiting for tire service and when these tires let go They Explode!! Please pass the trucks out there don’t hang out next to us!! This just one item with many more but no one seems to listen to us management needs it on a spreadsheet to understand I’m just a nuts an bolts blue collar person trying to make a living as safe as possible with more an more regulations being implemented by people that don’t understand it takes the length of a football field to stop a tractor trailer!

  • As a fifty five year veteran of the road, and having driven many of those years before HOS even came to Canada, all I can say is that there was a noticeable difference in driving habits, not for the better I might add, when log books were first introduced here, and again, when ELD’s became law in the US. I also understand that the increase of truck traffic will naturally produce more truck accidents, but the big question is, what is the cause of so many of those accidents? When a driver has to try and sleep on demand, grab a sandwich and a coffee on the fly due to the narrow window he has to try and work with, instead of being able to take the time to sit down to a decent meal and break, watching the clock each and every day because of a desire to get back home or to his destination without parking in a wide spot on the side of the road, and having little in the way of basic facilities along the way due to a lack of proper rest areas, the government is encouraging ones to drive like the maniacs I see out there on a daily basis. Monetary pentalties for nit picking ELD infractions will not improve highway safety in the least, what we need to do is make the trucking profession as attractive as it was years ago. Today, most drivers out there are not the least bit interested in ‘trucking’, it is simply a job for them, and it shows. Beau Darville, you have no idea. The government can’t even manage it’s own affairs let alone tell an industry like trucking what to do, without making a complete mess of it, which is now the result of the much unecessary interference, we have been subjected to, over the course of the past few years. At one time, trucking was a ‘professional’ endeavour that needed very little policing, safety will improve only if it is allowed to return to that status.

  • Been 32 yrs driving, done with rules,by next yr I take a early retirement before my salary goes to government pocket.my bank money never went up.

  • There should be some kind of little class or test or something you should have to do before you can start using it even for the small companies too with one or two or three trucks whatever they should have to do it too to make sure that they know what they doing and how to do a log book

  • I like the premise of ELD, HOWEVER, how about fining shippers & receivers who either double book themselves so they can’t hold to appointment times to load/unload without waiting 4 to 6 hrs OR those Shppr/Rcvrs don’t have the crew capacity to actually load/unload anyone’s trailer in a two-hour window upon arrival. Let’s look at the entire problematic situation and not just cherry-pick the drivers. ELD is not rocket-science and if U plan ur trips the ELD can be effective UNTIL there’s a automobile accident or a shppr/rcvr who has delays that run over 3hrs or 4hrs or even 8hrs to 12hrs!! Why doesn’t the ELD have a “delayed time clock” that would permit drvs to recover the wait-time at shppr/rcvrs? Drvrs who violate their clocks will do it with paper logs as well as with ELDs so when will (so-called) Safety concerns actually e addressed appropriately & in actuality, rather than just in “planning/speaking”?? What about parking, construction delays (for those places where the lanes are reduced to 1 for 40-miles/60-km & there’s only a 1mile/km of actual construction (yea that’s an example a real safety-minded situation)?! How about a parking mode on the ELD that enables 1.5-HRs to seek/find a parking spot that would not count against drive/11hr or 14hr duty clocks? How about some actual realistic effective solutions???

  • These law makers don’t care anything about us drivers or our safety. They are determined to take our lively hood. The ink for all these rules and regulations has dried already. We all look like a bunch of clowns explaining and complaining to them. Just let them run the whole industry in the ground. Personally, I am tired of all of it. They deliberately don’t pay us so we can’t stay home and strike for more than a day. And as an O/O I am almost running loads for free because of the money grabbing going on in this industry.. This industry is not a one size fits all, because no one ,from the shippers to the DOT officer’s are on the same page. The only thing that seems to be consistent, is taking money from us…

  • More rules and regulations to get more of the truck drivers hard earned money what next we just hand over the paychecks. Most under paid under appreciated profession out there.

  • This won’t accomplish anything as far as alleviating the courts, if you think for one second a driver is just going to plead guilty and pay a fine your off in lala land. That’s a guys/gals livelihood. They’re not going to just let you run them over like a semi truck that they are driving………..

  • I just don’t know what else government wants from truckers . That’s why we’re short on drivers who wants to drive with all this BS .

  • If you want safer trucks on the highway need to have more extensive training… Out in the real world we all see the non-qualified drivers on the highway and in the parking lots. Stop allowing trucking schools to give licenses. Make all applicants go to government or state facilities for testing..

  • Maybe I missed something.
    If a carrier team drives, how does the eld know when the drivers change from the bunk to the driver seat?
    Why make professional drivers follow hos and be tracked when non-pro drivers can drive 50 ft long motor homes with a boat trailered behind it can drive 24/7 with no eld hookup?

  • Being the backbone of the economy trucking industry has been treated quite unfairly for years and despite all the unfairness and overkilling the numbers have only increased. USA has a larger economy and smaller ground but trucks do not suffer discrimination and keep the supply steady on time without any speed delimiters handicapping them to impede the traffic and lose time. Just like the laws, technology and development are to make lives better but ELD and HOS are far from that. Instead of, listening to the body the truckers have to listen to the machines and suffer physically and financially as well. There’s a lot of consideration needed without keeping just one race in mind to improve the trucking to boost the economy and keeping the roads safe without milking the truckers.

  • Absolutely nothing to do with safety, trying to weed out the last of the good drivers so they can insert their government sponsored garbage drivers.

  • Good day, i am writing a response to the implementation of this whole regulation, as i believe there are some serious flaws with the regulation as to who it should be intended for. Firstly i am a small electrical contractor here in Northwestern Ontario.My company is not a carrier of product across country or province. My company may or may not leave the 160 km radius, once or perhaps 3 times in a calendar year. The interesting part is this, i am exempt from the eld and the hours of service in an emergency, but i have no way of coming home, because now the legislation applies to get home. As we witness the results of climate change, i can only feel for the poor person who has no power and lives more than 160 km from my community. This same legislation is being applied against the utilities. People are already complaining about the price of electricity. This will add to your hydro bill. The last time i checked, we are not the ones that create the risks on our highways and roadways. So, unfortunately, when January 1 comes, i will be forced to tell people outside the 160 km radius that they may want to call their mpp or some other politician for some advice on how to keep warm because it is minus 40 outside. I guess we will have to see if political hot air will keep them warm, and prevent the house from being damaged due to no heat. I do not think we can make a loaf of bread with all of these ingredients. I have applied to the ministry for an exemption, they say there none available at this time. They have stated that i can apply when an emergency crops up. I do not believe for 1 minute that they will be available when an emergency is declared, they will be hiding at home figuring out what to do now that they see what they just legislated.

  • No other industry is regulated the way the trucking industry is regulated. With the high cost of fuel, soaring insurance rates, and our limited hours of service being reduced and monitored, we can hardly pay our repair and service costs. It is time for a united strike across both Canada and the USA. HOS rules are meant to keep us safe, not strangle us. We need affordable and compliant rest stations every 50 miles on all major roadways. How do we stay in business after a major repair incident? If the idea is to shut down independent truck drivers, then I think your on the right track. Our governments need to support us, not just regulate us.

  • Wonderful. Our provider just got certified. Updates to the system and devices for the Canadian mandate will come in on Dec.3rd and 10th. This leaves less than a month to train our entire fleet of the changes coming into hard enforcement on Jan.1st. The article says about pleading guilty and making payments to ease the back logs on the courts. I for one will challenge everything in front of a judge in a court room considering the short window for training allowed ,the fact that certification took so long to get us the proper material and the governments unwillingness to extend soft enforcement for 6 more months.

  • Prior to ELD’s being mandatory in the USA, I read of two large trucking companies installing ELD’s.
    In both cases their accident rate went up substantially. They concluded the reason being that because the clock was unfogiving,
    drivers were forced to drive fast and hard during their allotted time frame. The loss of breaks and additional pressure resulted in more accidents.
    Where is the evidence to support the necessity of ELD’s? Is there any evidence that ELD’s produce any safety benefits?
    Or is this yet another bureauocrat’s wet dream of control?
    If those that feed you are continually suppressed, one day soon you may find yourself hungry.
    Does this somehow remind anyone of Trudeau’s gun control program? Just keep hammering those that keep our economy working.

  • There are so many Rules & Regulations designed to supposedly help Drivers with HOS (Electric or Paper) and the Safe Operation of a Commercial Truck. I’ve been in this industry since 1976, and I have seen its demise.
    As a Skilled Professional Driver, for 47 years, the system wants to show, “Hey look what I am doing, and how I’m helping the trucking industry to make it safer for you Joe Public”, and it is all government, companies, and associations doing it, but no one actually goes down to the meat of it all, the Driver. That one commodity that makes all your hard work, “Happen”.

    What I find, is simple, they love giving tickets for infractions, and showing their victories on Twitter, never thinking that the driver may have never received any information about these changes, they are thrust upon them, never receiving proper training for the job he is doing, and never knowing what was expected of him or her.

    Governments, these Trucking Associations, and Companies, at ALL levels, find ways to think they are helping this industry, and yet the more they think they are improving the system, the more the driver pays for it all.

    Is it no wonder this industry continues to lose drive-out drivers left-right, and centre?

    There needs to be a 4th Party involvement, a connection, and a representation of whom I am, The Driver, and these groups of groups who make the change(s) feeling they are all doing us a favour, and those of us, who make it happen.

    I am working on making this change for us The Driver, to protect us, The Driver, from those who create changes but never bring that change to us, The Driver.
    When I am ready, I will bring that 4th Connection to the existing 3, and we will ALL work together for a Better Trucking Environment for EVERYONE.

    CSTA2023- Look for us coming in 2023.

    • Wondering how many truck drivers are actually caught overlogging , I sometimes ask myself if the lawmakers have ever driven 13 hours in a single day. They need to talk to driver’s associations and ask questions, Drivers are already under enormous pressure.

  • I own a small bus company sometimes we do travel outside the 160 km perimeter but rarely we do, Might have 5/10 trips a year who had the brightest ideas to mandate elds in every truck . Paper logs are still very good and easy to verify when taking your mileage during your inspection before you leave and most of the time you have a detailed program elaborating your movements during the day

  • The industry is already suffering from a lack of personnel, Making it more complicated with new rules big fines attached not encouraging newcomers in the industry

    • 300 to 500 dollar fine for inputting wrong trailer number?GFY.41 plus years driving, currently working part time.The first time I get a 300/500 ticket at road side inspection for wrong trailer number or other insignificant infraction, I’ll be calling my safety manager to have someone come and get the truck,and tell them I’m too ill to drive.once I get back to terminal,that will be my last day as a CDL driver.

  • I’m older a came into this profession to finish the last six yrs to retirement, tech savvy I’m not these rules and regulations are just so much to take in! Our younger generation has already learned how to cheat the system, while I out here trying to be safe follow the rules and get a paycheck! My grand parents and dad all ran for years. Unfortunately the good old boys are going away and we are left with angry drivers breaking rules and job hopping! Beginning to think I made the wrong decision? Can’t fix what is so broken in this industry.