Feds Endorsing Natural Gas A Good Thing: CTA

OTTAWA, ON — Natural Gas is a “game changing fuel,” according to a report titled Now or Never, released July 19 by the Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources for the Canadian Government. The report recommends the expansion of usage of natural gas in the Canadian economy.

The Canadian Trucking Association (CTA), a long time advocate for the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) into the trucking industry and Class 8 market, said it supports the government’s announcement.

“The GHG reduction benefits of LNG are real and at current prices, it is an attractive alternative to diesel fuel,” said Stephen Laskowski, senior vice president of CTA.

The report encouraged governments to invest in and help expand the usage of LNG, which “is becoming a platform fuel for the Canadian economy.” The CTA has also emphasized the role federal and provincial governments must play in the development of the new LNG technology for the trucking industry to adopt it.

“It will require investment in distribution infrastructure on the part of producers, as well as significant tax incentives and price guarantees to allow and encourage those carriers who are interested to make the shift,” Laskowski said.

The price difference between a Class 8 LNG tractor and a similar diesel version can be as much as $100,000. Price difference varies depending on the application and options required by the operator.

“At this price differential, without government financial incentives for the trucking industry or distribution infrastructure, the Canadian trucking industry will be cautious in its approach towards this technology,” Laskowski said.

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