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Fitting the bill for a road closure?

WATERLOO, Ont. -- If you are involved in an accident and the police need to close the road, you may be on the hook...

WATERLOO, Ont. — If you are involved in an accident and the police need to close the road, you may be on the hook for the bill.

Car driver Brant Kardas of Waterloo recently learnt this first hand.

On a stormy night in January, Kardas, 24, almost died when he was hit by a car while crossing a street.

He spent approximately one week in a coma and the next three months in hospitals with massive injuries including a fractured skull and pelvis.

The Waterloo regional police closed the busy intersection at King Street and Northfield Drive to investigate the 3 a.m. crash.

Six months later, Kardas received an invoice from the City of Waterloo for $41.43 for contributing to the road being closed on Jan. 13. His friend who was also hit by the car was billed for the same amount.

Charges were not laid against the 26-year-old Kitchener man driving the car. Kardas and his friend were crossing the street on a red light, while the driver had the right of way.

“I don’t plan on paying for it. What are they going to do, take me to jail?” says Kardas, who goes to physiotherapy four times a week.

“I figure I pay taxes. I don’t see why I-have to pay additional fees for being in an accident, he says.

But among the municipalities in Waterloo Region, it is not unusual to bill someone who causes an accident.
Garth James, commissioner of public works for the City of Cambridge, says it’s common practice to recover such costs.

James said the city sends an invoice to anyone who is responsible for the accident.

In Kitchener, city officials also follow suit in billing those involved in accidents.

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