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FlowBelow makes its AeroKit driver-friendly

ATLANTA, Ga. – FlowBelow announced it has enhanced its flagship fuel-saving Tractor AeroKit system by adding a new “quick-release” fairing option.

The new easy-to-use AeroKit was introduced and on display at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show that took place in Atlanta this week.

The new quick-release mounting system allows the driver of the truck to remove the fairings easily in seconds and without tools. The older model used traditional bolts, which would take the driver several minutes to remove and would require the use of tools. Now, said Josh Butler, the CEO and Founder of FlowBelow, all drivers or operators have to do is turn the new fasteners and the fairing will release in just seconds.

“In just 3-4 seconds, you can now get full access between the wheels,” Butler said. “This is especially significant for drivers because they’re not trained mechanics, they shouldn’t have to go find a tool to remove this product. So we’ve made it really easy for them. They already have a difficult job so we wanted to make the product as simple as possible for them.”

According to Butler, the AeroKit maximizes the aerodynamic performance of a fleet’s wheel covers by also controlling the airflow between the wheels and behind the wheels. Based on SAE fuel economy testing, the fairings have demonstrated a significant fuel savings of 2.23% in combination with wheel covers, which is over three times the fuel savings of wheel covers alone.

“With the exception of the Freightliner Cascadia with Aero package, which comes standard with our wheel covers, over 80% of our customers utilize the complete AeroKit as opposed to wheel covers alone,” Butler said. “Most fleets cannot even measure the fuel savings of wheel covers by themselves. By enhancing our AeroKit with quick-release fairings we are targeting customers that desperately want achieve the maximum fuel savings possible without creating extra work for their mechanics and drivers.”

The quick release fairing option is available today and can be retrofitted, Butler added.

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