Healthy Fleet Challenge launches new public website

by Truck News

LONDON, Ont. — The Healthy Fleet Challenge leaderboard is now public.

According to organizers, the site, is open to the public, where visitors can see a real-time ranking of the healthiest fleets in North America. Companies are ranked based on the number of healthy meals their staff and drivers eat, the amount of exercise they do and the support their company provides.

“Whether you’re a driver, staff or executive, people want to work for a company that cares about their health. Now, we have a public website ( that showcases the healthiest fleets in North America,” said Aaron Lindsay, v.p. of marketing at Healthy Team.

In addition, the Healthy Fleet Challenge added a new feature launching in June based on community feedback.

“We have an amazing community of drivers and staff that are passionate about health. They’ve told us the next feature they want is to allow participants to follow the diet and exercise of anyone in the industry not just people within their own company,” said Andrea Morley, nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Team. “We have some of the healthiest drivers and staff in the industry using our app, we want to allow anyone to download the app and be able to connect with these participants to get inspiration for healthy meal ideas and exercise routines.”

Since the start of the challenge, participants have posted 5,636 healthy meals and 2,397 workouts in the app in only 24 days. Many participants are also reporting weight loss and an increase in energy after just 3 weeks of the challenge. The new leaderboard is posted on and the Healthy Team App is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices. For more information or to set up a team for our company for free please email

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