Healthy Fleet Challenge participants lose close to 1,500 pounds

by Truck News

LONDON, Ont. – The first leg of the 2019 Healthy Fleet 10-Pound Challenge has wrapped up, and the results have proven it to be the most successful challenge yet.

Over the course of January and February, participants from across North America lost a total of 1,436 pounds.

Andrea Morley, nutritionist at Healthy Trucker said: “Weight loss can be overwhelming, especially for those on the road, so I broke down the steps they would need to take into fun challenges, and delivered the content in an easy to follow, simple way.”

Companies and associations of all sizes joined in on the challenge, with anywhere from 1-30 drivers and staff participating from each team.

Top teams, total pounds lost:

  1. Erb Group of Companies: 217.9
  2. Challenger Motor Freight: 144.5
  3. Trans-Frt McNamara: 118.0
  4. Sutco Transportation: 110.3
  5. TCW: 68.6

“I believe the challenge was a great start to 2019 and it was really exciting to be part of this great team effort. Really proud of many of our team members that were engaged and have truly put themselves in a healthier position to conquer their 2019 goals. Thanks Healthy Fleet for this 10 Pound Challenge, ” said Doug Sutherland, v.p. Sutco Transportation.

Ready to get involved? The second leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge begins May 1st and will end June 30th. Individuals can join now at and teams can sign up by emailing

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    Chris Nerat – A.C.E. CPT