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Healthy Fleet Challenge returns Jan. 1

LONDON, Ont.  –Healthy Trucker announced today that the Healthy Fleet Challenge is returning on January 1.

The new challenge will be based in their mobile app called Healthy Team, and integrates aspects from all of their previous challenges, including step tracking.

The early Healthy Fleet Challenges were based around tracking steps through wearable technology such as the Fitbit, and were based on

Andrea Morley, lead nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Trucker explained: “Going forward, we wanted to add more value to participants by creating a community for them to connect, learn, and share throughout their health journeys. We launched the Healthy Team app at the beginning of 2017, which was a great way to educate and motivate participants on healthy living, but until now it lacked the ability to track steps. We are proud to announce that the Healthy Fleet Challenge now includes step tracking as part of the app so that participants can track all aspects of their nutrition and physical activity.”

The app also includes daily educational posts from Andrea, which include recipes, videos, workouts, and more. Participants share their meals and workouts, and can cheer each other on, ask for advice, and monitor their progress all within the app.

Fleets create teams by signing up their company, which then allows any and all of their drivers and staff to download and use the app as they work towards their health and wellness goals. Participants are awarded points for their steps, meal & exercise posts, and more in order to climb the leaderboard individually and as a team.

Aaron Lindsay, v.p. of marketing said: “We’re excited to bring back the fun & friendly competitions we saw during our step challenges. Participants have lost 10, 20, even 80 pounds while participating in our challenges, and we can’t wait to see their results when they combine step tracking and health education.”

The cost to the fleet? Free! Simply offer up a prize to give away to a team member at the end of the challenge. In the past, fleets have offered company merchandise, gift cards to healthy restaurants, new Fitbits, and/or a paid day off.

To sign up your company, e-mail with your logo and what prize your company will be giving away at the end of the challenge.


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