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Healthy Trucker and Truck News teams up with ATA for new Healthy Fleet Challenge

TORONTO, Ont.—The next Healthy Fleet Challenge will be the biggest yet.

This time around, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) has partnered with Healthy Trucker and Truck News, expanding the competition across the continent and into the United States.

The competition will begin on the first day of the new year, January 1, 2015 and run over five months with a month-long break in between each leg of the competition as follows:

  • Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 1 – January 1 to January 31
  • Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 2 – March 1 to March 31
  • Healthy Fleet Challenge Competition 3 – May 1 to May 30

This will be the third official Healthy Fleet Challenge. Carriers, associations and allied trades can form a team of five or people by sending their information to

At the end of the five months, the team that records the largest average step count will be named the winner. This competition will also track the average steps of Team Canada (all Canadian carriers) and Team USA (all US carriers) to see which country is more active.

Glenn Caldwell, vice-president of corporate development at Healthy Trucker said expanding the competition into the US was only logical because of the awareness the company is trying to create: “The reason for our expansion into the US is simple – demand. Although one of the top reasons for this demand is awareness of the growing obesity epidemic especially in trucking, we believe that the main motivating factor is the cost of healthcare south of the border. Compared to Canada, US employers are responsible for a much greater share of the costs related to health insurance. The fleets we’re talking to feel this is a win-win, they can improve the lives of their drivers (and their families), while saving potentially significant costs related to healthcare.”

The ATA was happy to jump on board with Healthy Trucker and Truck News with this competition after a miniature Healthy Fleet Challenge took place between the ATA Leadership and America’s Road Team at MC&E in San Diego this past October.

“You could tell that the challenge was very well received,” said Bill Graves, president and CEO of the ATA. “I think the challenge underscored the importance that we all know in our lives we need to stay active, we need to keep moving and try to work towards being as fit and healthy we can be.”

Elisabeth Barna, senior vice-president, communications and public affairs at the ATA said: “This past challenge was a huge success and we wanted to keep the momentum going with a follow up competition that will include many of our State Associations, America’s Road Team Captains and ATA Leadership. We loved the idea of having a friendly competition with our friends from the North. It made perfect sense for the ATA to join forces with Healthy Trucker in the next Healthy Fleet Challenge.”


Like competitions past, each competitor will track their steps using Fitbit device (a high-tech pedometer) or the MOVES application on their iPhone or Android device. Every step they take will be fed through to the online Healthy Fleet leaderboard so participants can edge out the competition.

Caldwell added that as always, the main goal of the competition is “to raise awareness for drivers health.”


“The major benefits of the challenge is that companies come together for a great cause and they can help make positive changes in driver and staffs lives,” he added. “The feedback that we are getting from the fleets is that it’s been a great team building event. Staff and drivers are constantly checking their own leaderboard to see how they stack up against others in their company.”


Walking is an easy activity that every one in any shape can participate in. It’s also one of the best ways to start getting into shape.


“Walking is a critically important step towards a healthier lifestyle and something everyone can participate in,” said Lou Smyrlis, publisher and editorial director of Transportation Media. “We are all very proud to be part of this initiative and we’re looking forward to having a great deal of fun over the five month challenge.”

To find out more about the Healthy Fleet Challenge visit their website at or contact them at 1-855-422-8333.

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