Hey Livestock Haulers! Your Freight “Values its life”

IRVINE, CA — Attention: Animal haulers. Be prepared to have PETA sniffing around your rear bumpers.  

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has proposed a roadside sign to honor 1,600 lbs of saltwater bass that died when the container truck hauling them to market got into a three-way crash on Oct. 11.  

According to local media reports, in a statement to Irvine’s street maintenance chief, PETA volunteer Diana Kourda said the sign will remind passing drivers that “fish value their lives and feel pain.”

Kourda’s letter also acknowledges that roadside memorials traditionally honor humans, but she hopes an exception will be made.

That doesn’t seem likely.

Craig Reem, a media spokesperson for the city of Irvine, confirmed to the Associated Press there won’t be any fish memorial.

But PETA spokesperson Asheley Byrne said they’ll go back and ask again.

PETA already has previous instances when they asked officials to post a memorial for animals killed on their way to slaughter.

Byrne said similar “honors” were attempted when pigs were killed in Virginia and cows were killed in Illinois, Kansas, including in Manitoba, Canada.

Despite their efforts, those haven’t been approved either, but they say they’ll continue to ask for memorials when trucks carrying animals to slaughter are involved in heavy death-toll crashes.

“They are on their way to slaughter, which is, of course, pretty hellish. To suffer an accident on the way and be left in the middle of the street is unthinkable,” Byrne said.


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