Kenworth’s T270 and T370 diesel-electric hybrid trucks, both built in Ste. Therese, Quebec, are featured in a new brochure. Equipped with a Cummins-built PACCAR PX-6 engine and the Eaton hybrid system, they’re capable of improving fuel economy by up to 30% in P&D operations and up to 50% in utility work, says KW.

U.S. purchasers of such hybrid trucks may qualify for a maximum federal tax credit of $6000 (class 6) and $12,000 (class 7). Sadly, the same is not true in Canada.
These Kenworth hybrids use an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator; frame-mounted 340-volt, lithium-ion battery pack; and dedicated power management system. Advanced powertrain controls monitor driving conditions and automatically select the right power source, smoothly switching among electric only, combined diesel and electric, and diesel-only modes. Electricity generated through regenerative braking is stored and used for acceleration, assisting the diesel engine. The hybrid system is monitored through a dash display. As the power requirements for different driving conditions change, the screen constantly updates the driver on system status.
The PX-6 engine in both the T270 and T370 is rated at up to 300 hp and 620 lb ft of torque, matched with an Eaton 6-speed UltraShift transmission.
The brochure is available on Kenworth’s home page (www.kenworth.com/) under Kenworth Environmental Leadership, then view the Diesel-Electric Hybrid Features.

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