Idaho road repairs could cost truckers

BOISE, Idaho — A shortfall of $200 million in Idaho’s transportation funding could end up costing truckers; including out-of-state operations.

Senator Tim Corder (who, coincidentally, owns a trucking company) and Senator Shawn Keough introduced the bill March 5, which aims to raise an additional $57.5 million per year for highway funding.

All trucks weighing in excess of 60,000 lbs. would be charged a $660 registration fee, plus a fee of 4.5 cents per mile while traveling on the state’s roads. Both Intrastate and Interstate trucks are included in the category.

The current system, Corder says, lets out-of-state truckers drive Idaho roads without paying the full cost.

The legislation is not just designed to punish heavy trucks and farm equipment, as it also simplifies a convoluted system of fee schedules and applicability. At the county level, registration fees would be increased for all vehicles falling in the 8,000-lb. to 60,000-lb. category.

— with files from Associated Press

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