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Kriskas Mark Seymour to serve as new OTA chairman

TORONTO, Ont. -- Mark Seymour, president of Kriska Transportation has taken the helm as the Ontario Trucking Associ...

TORONTO, Ont. — Mark Seymour, president of Kriska Transportation has taken the helm as the Ontario Trucking Associations (OTA) new chairman.

He takes the reigns from Scott Smith of JD Smith & Sons. Joining him as new members of the new-look executive committee are: Julie Tanguay, LE Walker as vice-chair; Brian Taylor, Liberty Line-Haul, secretary-treasurer; Scott Tilley, Tandet Group; Gary King, TST Solutions; and Evan MacKinnon, MacKinnon Transport.

The new OTA board involves members from 22 carriers that werent previously on the board. OTA president David Bradley, said “The new board is very strong with a good mix of experience and new blood. It should make for a dynamic two years.”

For his part, Seymour says he will lead the charge towards the OTA’s plan to mandate the use of speed limiters within the province. He has been described a “key architect” of the associations speed limiter proposal.

“It’s remarkable how far the issue has progressed since OTA unveiled it in November 2005,” he said. “What started as an Ontario initiative under Scott Smiths leadership now has support from industry across North America. I feel confident we will get the job done.”

Seymour added his company is proof the use of speed limiters won’t impact a fleet’s ability to serve its customers.

“At Kriska, we have governed the speed of our company vehicles since the early 1990s. During that time, our company grew from about 35 power units to over 400 today,” he said.

While championing the OTA’s pursuit of the mandatory use of speed limiters, Seymour also hopes the OTA will grow under his watch.

“I can’t begin to tell you the benefits to my business and to me personally through our membership and participation in OTA. So many doors have been opened to me. Through OTA I have been able to rub shoulders with the CEOs of the best carriers not only from Canada and the United States, but from around the world. You can’t get that kind of experience and advice anywhere else,” Seymour said.

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