LoJack SCI: Cargo theft at carrier facilities on the rise

WESTWOOD, Mass. — The number of thefts at carrier facilities increased more than 300 percent during the second quarter from the first quarter of this year, according to a Cargo Theft Trend Bulletin released by LoJack Supply Chain Integrity.

LoJack says the trend implies that organized crime rings are becoming increasingly bold in their pursuit of cargo, even when stealing from secure areas with monitoring and surveillance systems.

The report found that 34 incidents occurred at carrier facilities, followed by truck stops at 24 and parking lots at 21.

"The fact that thieves are stealing goods increasingly from secured areas is further proof that ‘cargo at rest is cargo at risk,’ even if the cargo is located in an area with some measures of physical security," said Robert Furtado, LoJack SCI’s CEO. "Companies need to take extra precautions to ensure their loads – as well as their trucks and trailers – are fully protected from today’s sophisticated thieves. This will protect not only goods and commercial vehicles, but businesses from the enormous losses caused by the theft of products in transit."

LoJack SCI also indicated that vehicles and their cargoes are at rest for a shorter period of time before they are stolen, with 19 incidents occurring in less than four hours. Eight of these incidents included vehicles that had been parked for less than one hour.

"This theft trend tells us that these loads were under surveillance and had been targeted from their point of origin, implying that these criminal acts were the results of very specific planning at the hands of organized thieves," Furtado said.

LoJack SCI collected and analyzed data from a total 221 incidents to date.

— via Truckinginfo.com

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