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Lytx finds out what drivers were doing during the solar eclipse

SAN DIEGO, Calif.  — Lytx unveiled data that shows what many commercial drivers were up to during last week’s solar eclipse.

According to Lytx, driver behavior that day was as extraordinary as the events in the sky.

Analyzing its database of more than 70 billion driving miles, Lytx looked back at driving event data for the daylight hours of Mondays for the past five months to benchmark the normal volume and type of Monday driving behaviors. Lytx then compared the benchmark data to driving events during the daylight hours of last Monday, Aug. 21, the date of the solar eclipse.

According to the data, the rate of drivers “off identifiable roadway” (pulling off to the side of the road) was 68% higher on the day of the eclipse, and events involving “other communications device” (something other than a cell phone) were 47% higher. As well, vehicles recorded as “driving faster than the posted speed limit” increased by 35% on the day of the eclipse. Lytx believes this means that many drivers pulled over and took a photo of the eclipse.

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