Manitoba Amends Vehicle Weight, Dimension Regulations

WINNIPEG — Regulatory changes have taken place in Manitoba when it comes to the province’s vehicle weights and dimensions.

They took effect on Aug. 26, to better align the province’s regulations with the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions as well as to meet Manitoba’s obligations set out in agreements with other jurisdictions, according to the Manitoba’s Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry.

The permissible length for aerodynamic devices (boat tails) has increased from 0.61 meters to 1.52 meters and will continue to be excluded from the measurement of overall length, provided the devices are collapsible.

The permissible length for a B-train configuration has increased from 26 meters to 27.5 meters. However, the new B-train length will now include wildlife bumpers in the overall length measurement.

The permissible weight for wide-base single tires and axle groups fitted with wide-based single tires increased for RTAC routes to be consistent with dual tires. The increased weights on wide-base single tires on RTAC routes are currently authorized by Ministerial Order (9,100 kg for a single axle, 17,000 kg for a tandem axle, and 24,000 kg for a tridem axle) and will be continued in the regulations.

The regulations also allow a maximum weight of 31,000 kg for full trailers equipped with 4 or more of axles on the trailer.

Also regulations regarding the minimum axle weight for tandem steer/tridem drive combination vehicles has been amended to establish a minimum steer axle weight of 40 percent of the drive axle weight on tandem steer/tridem drive combination vehicles. The vehicle weight and dimension regulations already established a minimum steer axle weight for single/tridem combination vehicles.

On a related note, the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) said in a bulletin to its members that the longer boat tails and extended length b-trains with longer tractor wheel-bases have been allowed since August 2014 and January 2015 respectively. 

It noted the province is the process of moving both items into regulation, while the issue of wide single tires was addressed in 2008.

All three changes addressed in Manitoba have been longstanding positions of Canadian Trucking Alliance, according to OTA.

For complete details of the changes in Manitoba, follow this link.

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