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MELT seminar to take place Dec. 12

HAMILTON, Ont. — A presentation by Ministry officials summarizing the first 120 days of MELT is set to take place on Dec. 12.

From 10 a.m.-noon, the TTSAO says ministry officials will be hosting a session  on the first 120 days of MELT at the Linamar Corporation (700 Woodlawn Road West) in Guelph.

Recently the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) hosted a round table discussion with the TTSAO and Serco to review what has transpired since the implementation of MELT with a focus on commercial Class A Road Tests. During that meeting the MTO and the TTSAO discussed plans to address the concerns raised about commercial Class A testing and the
delivery of the road test. The Ministry wanted to release specific details about the actions that have been taken to date and to identify additional recommendations that will improve commercial driver testing services. It is the goal of both parties to work together to address all issues that have been ongoing throughout the province at the drive test facilities.

Some of the recommendations the TTSAO brought forward included the possibility of drive test centers being available for testing on Saturdays, quicker turnaround times for those who failed their first test and designating a TTSAO school member’s location to conduct road tests specifically for its members only.

Charlie Charalambous, TTSAO director of communications and public relations, says:  “The TTSAO is very pleased that the Ministry and Serco representatives took the time to host the roundtable discussion. Both parties shared their open and honest feedback on how things are going and I believe that we are looking at some positive changes for everyone
involved. We are looking forward to continuing the conversations and sharing the information at our Dec. 12 open general meeting”.

To register please contact or (416) 623.5461.

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1 Comment » for MELT seminar to take place Dec. 12
  1. Prashant says:

    I am a careful driver.Very safety conscious , alert defensive driving are my life philosophies and ingrained into my habits. I completed my MELT course with due diligence and care.
    I started training in july and have since failed my license test 4 times , my trainers at a very reputable TTSAO school feel I deserve to pass the examiner also commented I drive very well but I fail primarily due to backing manoeuvres.
    I feel the new MELT laws over focused on reversing and should be reviewed plus every time you fail it takes a month to test again
    I have invested time effort and money and in the words of my trainer have the right attitude to be a truck driver but am being turned down.
    Please review carefully and do not believe rejections are the only path for improvement.

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