Meritor optimizes air disc brakes

ATLANTA, GA – Meritor has unveiled an optimized EX+ air disc brake that will be available to Original Equipment Manufacturers in 2018.

“By updating and optimizing the EX+, our engineers reduced weight by 10 pounds per brake to offer the lightest-weight truck (air disc brake) on the market while also maintaining reliability, said Chris Villavarayan, Meritor’s president – Americas.

The gear-synchronized, twin-piston design applies an even level of force across the brake pads, leading to better performance and uniform pad wear, the company says. As an air disc brake it also offers shorter and smoother stopping distances and reduced brake fade. A patented double seal minimizes water exposure to seal the EX+ for life, Meritor adds.

Pads can be changed in just 30 minutes, while the unit as a whole promises to lower maintenance costs with faster inspection and repair times.

“Fleets are beginning to see the benefits of air disc brakes, especially in safety and performance,” Villavarayan said.

The Meritor discs are compatible with most collision mitigation systems in the market, while fleets also have the option of specifying drum brakes on rear axles and air disc brakes in the front.

Parts and labor carry a five-year/800,000-kilometer warranty in linehaul applications when the brakes are spec’d with Meritor’s friction material.


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