Meritor’s Mach brand enters the aftermarket

John G Smith

ATLANTA, GA – Meritor has introduced a value-priced product line for the aftermarket that will be branded as Mach.

Initial offerings will include brakes, drivelines, drive axles, suspensions, transmissions and springs, but there are plans to expand as well.

“Mach is a global aftermarket value brand that we’re launching today for North America, but we’re going to introduce it here and all over the world,” said Rob Speed, president – aftermarket and trailer and Chief Procurement Officer, during an unveiling at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

“The time is right, we believe, to launch a value lineup brand for aftermarket parts. In North America and around the world we’re seeing a rise in low-cost competitors and brands that don’t necessarily have the same quality focus as Meritor.”

Buyers are rolling the dice when they buy products from companies they don’t know, he said. In contrast, Meritor is a proven company. “We’re not offering parts that won’t fit or won’t work well. Mach is different.”

The products will be engineered to meet “industry standards” and be backed up by one-year warranties like those available through the company’s other aftermarket brands, he added.

It is the latest in a series of investments in Meritor’s aftermarket arm to improve speeds and ease of business transactions. One of the most recent examples came with the launch of the website.

There are more changes to come, too.

“We’re going to make a significant change that we believe will dramatically improve our ability to deliver products to our customers on the west coast of the U.S.,” he added.

John G Smith

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