Minister Mulroney meets trucking industry leaders

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – Ontario’s transportation minister has met with trucking industry leaders in Sudbury, Ont., to discuss ways of streamlining government programs.

“Caroline Mulroney continues to work with the trucking industry to assist carriers in every part of the province by listening to ideas intended to eliminate red tape,” the Ontario Trucking Association said Friday.

It said the minister heard from Jeff King, president of Manitoulin Transport, about the problems carriers are facing, especially in northern Ontario.

“We appreciate the opportunity to host the minister and highlight these important issues as well as those which specifically matter most to carriers serving northern Ontario,” said King, who is also an OTA board member.

“By working together and eliminating red tape in government programs we can make the trucking industry in northern Ontario safer, greener and more efficient.”

OTA chairman David Carruth and president Stephen Laskowski also attended the meeting.

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  • I’m sure the trucking companies are telling Government that we need more Truck Drivers! And instead of increasing wages to make it more attractive, They’ll ask for more Temporary Foreign Workers!
    Which will suppress wages!

  • The trucking industry needs dedicated regular drivers. They should be given priority over temporary foreign drivers. The devoted drivers are skilled and more reliable than the alternatives. They do it because it’s in their blood…not just for the paycheck!

  • Minister needs to do something about laws for new drivers easpealy when they come from another country that doesn’t have the same kind of driving when it comes to a commercial Az licence my brother was killed by two such drivers this past January they had no winter experience how can you put two young men with no experience into a tractor trailer and send them cross country it’s sickening my brother was a very experienced driver over 25 years and two young men 24 and 23 come from another country and get there Az license no driving in winter totally driving to fast for conditions not knowing road snow and ice and driver panicked and crosses 3 lanes and hits my brother head on my brother was killed by two drivers that should never have been allowed to be on hwy and easpeally two young drivers together with not enough of driving time you can’t keep letting people get there licence and then just turn them loose both of those young men should have been paired with a experienced and weather seasoned driver for at least 6 months if not more so they can learn to drive on dry roads wet roads ice covered roads and snow which was the case with my brother who didn’t deserve to die so horrible because a driver pannicks on ice and snow plus not knowing road they were both from Ontario but new to country the minister needs to do something about this I blame the goverment for my brothers death my brother just basically whatched his death come at him he was finished he had know ware to go but the other driver totally pannicks instead of trying to steer out of it from witness testimony behind my brother they came around corner way to fast for conditions one problem then not knowing road but just a complete screw up from government to them it’s been almost 4 months now that he has been gone and are family is destroyed because of this I have to whatch my parents who are both in there 70s cry every day my mom told me 3 weeks ago that they will never get over this even a little and I can see it taking its toll on them because the laws in Ontario are not strict enough I have to watch my parents suffer everyday and its killing me I was a truck driver myself mostly all forest industry and I was trained properly by experienced drivers and so was my brother we were such a close family I am the oldest out of 3 brothers I’m 52 my brother that passed would have turned 50 two weeks after accident and also have a younger brother who is 48 who is a supervisor at the company my other brother drove for plus my son who is 20 also works on the dock loading unloading anyways I’m sorry I went on so long but I’m having a really bad time of it and my brother should still be hear it was a preventable accident they shouldn’t have been allowed to drive together with limited experience and if the driver was experienced he wouldn’t have panicked I should have been able to steer it gently off his shoulder but he did the worse thing and cut the wheel as far as it would go which sent him across 3 lanes my brother was just starting passing lane for him uphill so when the other driver cut across oncomming traffic he was coming downhill and he had his hole unit truck and trailer completely straight in my brother’s lane Infact my brother had moved over so far all his passengerside tires were driving in the snow bank and they still hit him head on it just blows my mind from what report said it looked like driver just froze when he got into westbound lanes they were heading eastbound I’m sorry again but please minister mulrny change the laws for new drivers on commercial Az easpeacilly new ones that come from other countries ware the driving isn’t the same and also making these trucks automatic transmission s to me is also just insane it just makes it easier for these people to get in and hit fuel pedal thanks for the time I know I made a little to long but when I think about my brother I just go crazy ken my brother I miss and love you so much bro will talk to you soon